Sony Developing Monster Gigapixel Resolution Camera, Google Earth to Benefit

Taking pictures from space takes a lot of tech power. Basically, you need to take many, many pictures and then stitch them together to get anything worthwhile, such as the photos taken for Google Earth. In order to battle the issues that come up with this method (vehicles showing up in multiple shots as they move, etc), Sony is developing a monster Gigapixel resolution camera for satellites that'll be able to take gigantic pictures in one shot.

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Cartesian3D4964d ago

I want a slim one to put in my pocket. god knows... may be our kids using 3.2giga pixel mobile phones . lol ..

skynidas4963d ago

sony always makes great thing like the ps3

Rooftrellen4962d ago

This has what to do with the PS3?

Oh, wait, nothing at all.

When discussing cameras that are going to be put on satalites, a console has no place in the discussion.

Darkiewonder4963d ago

How much when it first comes out? O.o

xplosneer4963d ago

January 1st 2020 for incredibly LOW LOW PRICE of just $4,6095,804,291,346,200,110,12 3.99

synce4963d ago

How's this related to gaming? Because it has the word "Sony" in it? All that's going to do is start a flame war. Go kill yourself.

TheUltimatePS3Fanboy4963d ago

First of all *cough* tech section! And second of all flame war the only way this starts a flame war is if themart arrives in here...

Bolts4963d ago

Nothing is about your precious console war idiot. This news is in the tech section.

WilliamRLBaker4963d ago

I love google earth but it doesn't update fast enough, My house is still stuck in the past like 2 years ago.

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