Gun Loco Cancelled

Andriasang: Reason not given for sudden cancellation of Xbox 360 title.

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Godmars2902797d ago

Someone in the company - with some common sense - actually saw the trailer?

slate912796d ago

^^ Lol, about fucking time. That game looked terrible

DelbertGrady2797d ago

Good. It looked like sh*t. That Captain America game should be flushed down a toilet as well. Most horrible thing I've witnessed this gen.

TheColbertinator2797d ago

I remember when this game was announced on N4G,my two favorite types of fanboys(360 and PS3) had hilarious reactions.

360 fanboys were pleased with the announcement and thought it would be one of the most anticipated exclusives for the 360.

PS3 fanboys ignored the game,called it crap without seeing it in action and saw the 360 exclusive tag as a warning sign.

I'm curious to see the reactions now.My guess is 360 fanboys will ignore it ever existed and PS3 fanboys will do some "lost 360 exclusive" dance

radphil2797d ago

What existed? That game never happened!

*lost 360 exclusive dance*

(Just playing along with what you said)

Bathyj2797d ago

My guess is most people will keep doing what they've been doing.

Not caring.

hellzsupernova2796d ago

im not going to lie. Turns out the ps3 fanboys were correct right? i mean they canceled it lol.

'runs away screaming and laughing doing the lost exclusive dance"

Godmars2902796d ago

Pretty sure the, "lost exclusive dance" is reserved for titles that go multi. Also sure that Square had and showed a playable build.

Best the game is just forgotten, but a lot of 360 fanboys should acknowledge - privatively at least - that if they were excited for it they should be embarrassed.

radphil2796d ago


What would the lost exclusive dance even look like?

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Ghost2502797d ago

mmmmm... well i can say about this is......... i wanna play elder scrolls V LOL

GusBricker2797d ago

Square + anything not RPG = Suck

animboo2796d ago

square+anything of late=crap
(this coming from a hardcore squaresoft fanboy)

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The story is too old to be commented.