Why all the Hate on Homefront?

TitanReviews writes:I’ve been playing Homefront nonstop over the 3 days It’s been out and I absolutely love the multiplayer.The campaign for the time it was played was also very good as well. It may have been short, but none the less it was a great and emotional experience. So why all the hate?

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Hockeydud192928d ago

People i've played online with say they really like the game. I guess it's really hit or miss for shooter fans. But hey I can't tell the difference between a Cod game or any other shooter out there anymore unless there vehicles destructivle environments or magical powers lol

captain-obvious2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

from those vids i see on youtube
the game is below average
same with the graphics too
and it copies alot of COD and BF
and the game trying too hard to be controversial just to sell

FiLTHY ESKiMO2928d ago

"from those vids I see on youtube"

You can hardly review a game by "videos you see on youtube"

People that actually gave the game a chance absolutely love the multiplayer.

captain-obvious2928d ago

i didnt say that i (( reviewed )) the game
i just called it as i saw it

BattleAxe2928d ago

You can't reward a game with good reviews if it doesn't have much content.BC2 and KZ3 didn't have much content when they were released, but they were both higher quality games. CoD seems to be the last game that actually releases a good amount of content with their games. I'm sick and tired of having to buy map packs 2 months after a game releases because its only got 8 maps and these 4-6 hour campaigns are really starting to piss me off.

I've got 27 hours logged in on Killzone 3 and I'm already bored of the game. The same thing happened with BC 1+2. I wish that people would stop being fanboys of certain games like these and demand more content from the developers to be included in the game from day one.

NaiNaiNai2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Last I checked, Cod stole just about every aspect of there game from other games.

hiredhelp2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Hi guys i just bought the game and was ashamed at some things that frirst hit me.
heres the cons

not the gameplay footage we seen months back.
very rough jaggy even pop up style game.
gameplay is ok but nothing special
uses old unreal engine.
and lastly looks like they taken a leak out of EA'S book each copy has a code this grants you acesses to multiplayer but nothing more.

thats right 1 code per use just to play multiplayer.

the pros' i havent yet seen the multiplayer but from what i read it has deadicated servers.

also powerd by gamespy.
on the whole if they used there new engine THQ in this like they promised this game would of really done it for me.

i took only a few shots with my camera i have at home its high res full body camera not cheap. this is what youll be seeing on singleplayer.

hope the pictures upload ok.

sak5002928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )


You saw the videos on you-tube and decided this game is below average....Well, i played it and i can tell you, you're absolutely correct. But it doesnt copy much from BF only COD since the gfx look straight up from WAWisque time.


I belive you have also not played the game believe me, it'll feel right at home in 2006.

Montrealien2927d ago

I bought it, and I am enjoying it. That is all that mattter to me. I dont need to have my opinion validate by others online. And neither should you.

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BeOneWithTheGun2928d ago

This game is totaly average. My biggest beef is the visuals. I didnt expect god of war 3 graphics but it looks like my 13 year old daughter made it in Wordpaint. I am just burnt on mediocre shooters with no style or pazaz. I done with the genre i think. Batman, Infamous, Skyrim, Uncharted....they will be getting my money.

CrzyFooL2928d ago

It's pretty good. Just not AMAZING.

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WiIIiam2928d ago

Kaos Studios are on to something with the multiplayer. The gameplay actually feels tactical to me, which is a nice breath of fresh air after CoD. With a bigger budget and longer development time, they may be able to help it reach its true potential in the sequel.

JsonHenry2928d ago

It is a good solid game. But not mind blowing. I was not expecting it to be mind blowing so maybe that is why I think it is good and do not feel let down.

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