Jericho demo gameplay video

Clive Barker's Undying was a great, overlooked shooter on the PC many years ago and Mr. Barker is back again with a new game: Jericho.

The game features a whole mess of characters and the ability to hot-swap between them in the campaign.

Take a look, won't you:

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Prismo_Fillusion5134d ago

graphics look good
lighting looks good (thought in general it seems a bit dark, but cool when the gun fires)
physics look good
and sword in one hand, gun in other seems pretty sweet

Owner360-PS35134d ago

Definately a rental first because the demo stinks IMO.

okcomputer5133d ago

I loved the demo. I had zero expectations and just downloaded it because there was nothing else on psn that I wanted and was surprised by how good it was. The graphics were top notch, the gameplay was smooth and it looked like they were doing some interesting things to add variety to the gameplay.