Q&A: In The Garden Of Eden: Clive Barker Talks Game, Creative Process

Perhaps best known as the writer and director of the film Hellraiser, Clive Barker is also an author, playwright, actor and director, and has recently collaborated on the supernatural horror video game Jericho with Codemasters, while previous titles have included Clive Barker's Undying with EA.

Just before the recent release of Jericho, Gamasutra spoke to Barker at length about his attitude to creating art, his collaboration on game projects, and why, to combat Roger Ebert, those working on game projects should " taking ourselves seriously as artists."

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Antan5106d ago (Edited 5106d ago )

"gay disco music"?....I bet this must of sounded like a porn film or Village People? Im not to sure about this comment. I can`t believe for one minute someone would write this kind of material for the Jericho style of game! Im guessing he knows zip about music/styles. I think he should stick to films/novels and leave games to people who know what they`re doing.

socomnick5106d ago

I thought that was Jerry Seinfeld for a second.