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Once upon a time, a fragile little girl named Ellen lost her parents, a common enough tragedy in fairy tales. Then at the uncertain age of twenty-two, she receives a mysterious letter addressed from no one other than her own mother. Grasping the envelope tightly to her chest, she quickly flutters off with the conviction to find a boat and reach Doolin Village, a quaint, rundown hamlet on the island that ship captains dare never to sail.

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jackfatal4491d ago

they just know how to complain and not to appreciate!!
what about halo 3?? was the story that much deep?? NOooo!! but still they give it a 10/10!
was the graphics the best it can get out of the 360?? nooo gears was better! yet still they gave it a 10/10!!
from this day on, i will only judge games from seeing video review and watch many videos of the games and make 20% of my judgment based on others and sites and 80% based on MY own taste!

ps3tag4491d ago

Anyone that immediately associates collecting with Pokemon needs more historical gaming perspective. This games story is REALLY easy to follow .. take some ritalin FFS!

jackfatal4491d ago

what makes a game get perfect 10/10??

graphics should be the best out there!
gameplay should be the best out there!
story should be the best out there!
lenght should be the best out there!
value(replaying it again) should be the best out there!
sound should be the best out there!

now can someone dare and tell me any game this year including halo 3 has all these points??

the answer is simple NO!
then y we see games such as bioshock and halo 3 gets 10/10?? think about it and tell me!!

Canidae4491d ago

What the game was rated down for was BS, and though I have all three systems, I find it irritating that PS3 games are not being judged on the same scale as the other two systems. However it is what it is, a great game, which will find a place in my collection of games.

synce4491d ago

Today games only score well when they're EXPECTED to. You'll never see a Final Fantasy, GTA, or Halo game get bad scores from major publications. That's how the industry works. Unfortunately, too many people take these critics seriously.

lonestarmt4490d ago

yeah this guy was whinning, waw its gets really confusing when they move to the comic book style of storytelling. Baby. Thats awesome. I'm sorry but if that confuses you, your not very smart. Then it takes of points, because it doesn't have voice acting during those scenes? This guy is not an rpg fan obviously, and tons of those games use text. ITs weird that one review IGN think that is awesome but this guy is all confused and has his panties in a wad. The only thing I can find fault in any of the reviews is that it might get repative, and the wierd load time after switching folk. I have to play to be sure, but it looks like a 8.5 to 9 to me...

Kulupoo4491d ago

game review sites these day can't be trusted....
the only one sure way to know if the game is any good is to rent it... i learn that after i bought my brothers in arm for the xbox.... it sucks...

ASTAROTH4491d ago

Heavenly Sword arrives I started to think that this whole review site conspiracy that fanboys keept talking about its true. Every site in the internet and magazine are just unfair to PS3 games. Come on guys...everybody knows that LAIR is not the best game evermade, but an average on the 50%? God no. LAIr is better than that, more in the high 70's. Heavenly Sword is another example with an average of 80% but it deserves to have a higher average. Now FOLKORE...whats up guys??. I know there are going to be a lot of 360 fanatics disagreeing with me, but you are just fanatics that havent played any of the mentioned games so I dont give a DAMN about your opinions.

My opinion is guided to the gamers on this site and to the PS3 fans who have seeing the unfairness of the PS3 games reviews lately. This PISSES ME!! I bougth BIOSHOCK and it deserves a rating of 96%, but HALO 3? come on blinded guys LOL!! Anyways I believe that Sony isnt sending reviewers their $800.00 worth of game merchandise. Thats why their games are being rated EXAGERATELY bad. FANATICS... LONG LIVE TO DIVERSE GAMING AND THE ART IN VIDEOGAMES!!!

HarryEtTubMan4491d ago

This is because Sony has destroyed the competition for 2 years... They support Microsoft and Halo because if they didn't it would SURELY fail!
Everyone knows Playstaion has top of the line hardware and the best franchises available. People realize alot of the Japanese gamers don't agree with the "gore is more", "shoot everything up" philosophy of twisted North American gaming. Heavenly sword is A WORK OF ART. I don't even have it but have plaed it and I have Halo 3. It's kinda good( I honestly don't care for it sorry) but Heavenly sword DESTROYS IT. I'm 21 and HS is one of the best games I ever played in my life.
Why was it so underrated in NA and the campaign is only maybe1 1/2 shorter than Halo. Can't be sure but not that much shorter. There is a bias and it's called North America vs. Japan. This is very very real. I will never support Microsoft again. They really think alien space shooter is the future.SOOO LAME. They wil change though. They will follow Sony just like they have from day one of the original Xbox. Let the TRUE KING live on!

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The story is too old to be commented.