Top Five Wii Games That Would Be Perfect for PlayStation Move

The PlayStation Move library is pretty small and desperately needs more content. With the recent port of Dead Space: Extraction on PlayStation 3, it's obvious some Wii games could work well if moved over to Sony's console. These are the top five games that should be ported from the Wii to the PlayStation 3 with full Move support.

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christheredhead2773d ago

i hope that capcom brings okami to the ps3 and move at some point in time. i already own both ps2 and wii copies but it has such a fantastic art style that i wouldn't mind playing it over in hd. it deserves more attention and recognition than it currently has. such a fantastically well made game.

macky3012773d ago

well I kinda hope they make a HD Okami remake,.. But they kinda fucked it up on the wii,..I am not takling about the straight line(you could press Z),
but maybe it is the lack of precision on the wii,.. but those mining/digging games were impossible,..

What I would love, would be RESI4 move addition,..just use trigger instead of A, or Move button,..

Myst2773d ago

I'll just add in Monster Hunter :)

rezzah2773d ago

That would be a nice addition, however I rather the original controller I once played Monster Hunter 1 with =D

Spitfire_Riggz2773d ago

I know its this game doesnt even use the motion controls but the perfect game would be Super Smash bros lol. I just want that game so bad

Myst2773d ago

Lol Rezzah it would probably be similar to the Wii in which you could use the motion controls or regular [if you got the CCP]

Would be nice Spitfire if it weren't for the Nintendo characters, though I guess the PS3 could get something akin to it.

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rezzah2773d ago

That Mickey Mouse game looks really interesting and original. It's one of the main games I'd like to see on the PS3 with Move.

jidery2773d ago

Its a damn good game, that got flack because of technical issues. It really deserves more, its got a lot of history in there.

gypsygib2773d ago

I'm only interested in No More Heroes 2. Most Wii games aren't my thing.

HacSawJimThugin2772d ago

Sony should just buy the entire Wii catalog since they already stole it's controller design. I'm mean it the least they can do right?

Kinect 4-Life!!