Star Wars Battlefront launch party in SF next week

If you're in the San Francisco metro area, you may want to head to the Sony Metreon for the Star Wars Battlefront launch party. The festivities start next Tuesday at 6PM. LucasArts is promising tons of prizes, such as the Han Solo carbonite case -- free for the first 200 people that purchase the new PSP bundle. If you come in costume, you'll get a chance at winning a Darth Vader lightsaber replica. Of course, with tons of people expected to show up, there'll undoubtedly be tons of opportunities for some local wi-fi multiplayer as well.

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skynidas4497d ago

cool this game is going to be awesome

secur1ty9114497d ago

So I'll own so far a New Slim PSP with the SWB game included, a 60gb PS3 which I stood in line for, a Nintendo DS and I really want a 360 but only if I know that it is the one with a Falcon Chip otherwise no dice on the 360.

Asuka4496d ago

i want this game, but i don't know how i'm going to find time to play it. My life has been nothing but warhawk since it came out