Resident Evil: Director's Cut infecting Euro PSN next week

Capcom will be bringing the survival horror classic Resident Evil: Director's Cut to the European PlayStation Store next week.

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interrergator3480d ago

damn thats horrible how they finally put re: directors cut now while u.s had it for a long time why does that happen i wonder?

gaden_malak3480d ago

I remember reading awhile ago there are some licensing issues regarding different countries.

aCasualGamer3480d ago

I'm still pissed at the fact that Capcom hasn't released RE1 on PS store yet in Sweden.

trainsinrdr3480d ago

wtf can they just make a hd collection of re 1,2,and 3

Rhezin3480d ago

yeah that would be incredibly cool trainsinrdr, but I think they only do HD collections for ps2 games. Although didn't they remake the first one for gamecube at one point? I remember playing iterations on that console.

TheDeadMetalhead3480d ago

They remade 1, yes. But for some reason, they released 2 and 3 as identical ports from the PS1 version, which was ridiculously stupid.

DarkBlood3480d ago

yeah zero being moved from n64 to gamecube,

1 being remade,

2 fusion the 2 disk into one with maybe little slight visual upgrades that or used the graphics from the n64 version with ps1 audio,

3 the same as 2 i think,

veronica x, im sure its a port from dreamcast or ps2 version which ever was the best version

and number 4 was made first on cube but somehow was a bit worse on ps2 o.o

TheDeadMetalhead3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Because hardware-wise the PS2 was the weakest of the sixth-generation consoles, and got quite a few bad ports because of it. And Capcom was too lazy to try and get it running with equal graphics to the GC version.

RE2 and 3 on Gamecube were ports of the Dreamcast version, I think. Code Veronica on GC was a bad port of the PS2 version, which itself was a bad port of the Dreamcast version. Yes, it's confusing as hell.

Ingram3480d ago

Too little too late, thanks for nothing Capcom, Virgin (eu right owners) and Sony.

Solid_Snake-3480d ago

ill just play it on a rom with a 360 controller.

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