Epic: Gears Maria scene made players cry

The Gears of War series is known for its blockbuster action and buckets of gore, but developer Epic reckons it spins a decent yarn, too.

Executive Producer of the Gears of War franchise Rod Fergusson pointed towards the Maria scene from Gears of War 2 as evidence that Epic was doing something right when it comes to storytelling.

"We were successful with the Maria scene," Fergusson told Eurogamer. "If you were willing to go along for the ride of why you're playing that game, if you were able to take part in that story and you weren't skipping every cutscene, a lot of people were affected by the Maria scene.

"The YouTube posting of it and the listing of all the people saying they cried, and when we were at Comic-Con I'm like, raise your hand if you cried at the Maria death and a third of the audience raised their hands - I'm like, OK, we've reached some people, clearly.

"Do I think that was the pinnacle of our ability to tell story? No. But it was a good moment."

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kasasensei3634d ago

"Epic: Gears Maria scene made players cry"

YoungKingDoran3634d ago

i dont know whether to agree or disagree to your statement... either way makes sense... really?!

DelbertGrady3634d ago

I laughed at how bad it was. I hope they keep the "emotions" out of Gears 3. The story in Gears 2 was pathetic, especially considering how much they bragged about it pre-release.

The_Ultimate_Guy3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

I don't.

I actually really liked the scene and the emotions behind it. It added a new level to Gears which as you can see carries over to Gears 3 with Dom's care to live tarnished.

I hope Gears 3 doesn't just focus on Marcus looking for answers about what his father was up too and his connection with the locus. I also want to see Dom's struggle with himself to find the will to live after what occurred in his life and what he had to do.

Just watch this Gears 3 trailer and you will see Dom just ready to accept his death rather than fighting to stay alive. Almost upset that Marcus saved his ass.

baodeus3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

god dammit markus, i lost her, definetly not the greatest acting or emotional in video games history. The acting is pretty horrible in a sense. But then again most are pretty short and doesn't interfere w/ the gameplay thank god. The part where he found his wife was ackward and didn't convey any emotion if at all.

I found Halo reach: cutscene, where one of the spartan pick up a gun from another dead spartan, looking at the clock, he looks confuse and showing fatigue, but then he still march onward toward the destruction and despair up ahead by himself. Halo can deliver a much more emotional scene without a single word spoken. You can just see and feel the desparation and the dire situation that Bungie trying to convey in Halo Reach. It is quite emotional and one dam fine story. For Gears, no, i didn't feel anything since the acting kills it for me i guess.

If they want to improve the story and acting, they better do it right this time. Well at least they got another writer instead of a comic writer.

Rainstorm813634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

Funny, i thought in the beginning when Dom was complaing about maria was some one the worst acting in a AAA game. but players crying, wow i think gamers have seen worse. The most a videogame character's death affected me was Aerith in final fantasy 7.

"Damn It" - Dom

i miss the good ole days of Squaresoft

RedDead3634d ago

I really doubt it, you can do badass fat space marines alright epic...but your a bit empty in the emotional department. The best was their Gears 1 trailer which I admit was effective.

Rainstorm813634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

yea the Mad World trailer made me soooo amped to play Gears 1, definitely one of the better game trailers ive seen .

But the music helped ALOT

Blad3star3634d ago

I have a feeling that Gears 3 is going to have the spot light on Carmine and kill Marcus.

Carmine looks like a total bad a$$ and it wou;d be a shame to kill him.

sethbalmore3634d ago

im willing to bet they kill off Hoffman this time. seeing how he isn't one of the leaders in CTLmode like he was in gears1/2.

3634d ago
callahan093634d ago

That's shocking to me. I was a huge fan of Gears 1, and I was very excited for Gears 2, and I watched every cutscene with anticipation, but that moment almost ruined the entire campaign for me. I mean, I got over it because the gameplay had so much variety and was a lot of fun, but that cutscene was so cheesy/corny and the acting was so over-the-top awful that I *literally* laughed out loud.

Headquarters113634d ago

LMFAO no it didn't. I just laughed at that fat fuck dom. And at Epics attempt to make an 'emotional' scene

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mcmmaster3634d ago

LMAO, no it didn't, it made me feel like EPIC are twisted and fu**ed in the head, was a terrible scene and overrated

Ace_19753634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

This Rod Fergusson needs to lay off the cocaine. First he says console gamers are ignorant. Then he says this piece of shit lame story in Gears of War has the power to make people cry. If you cried while playing Gears you are a pussy end of story. And Rod is also a giant pussy.

Shanks3634d ago

What? I thought that scene was hilarious.

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