Homefront: PS3 vs Xbox 360 vs PC - Screenshot Comparison

Games Aktuell compares the graphics of the PC and console versions of Homefront. While the Xbox 360 version gives the PC a good fight, PS3 lacks behind. Hint: Click on "Bild in Originalgröße" to see the actual HD screens.

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Thrillhouse3046d ago

Nothing really special about the visuals. I can't comment on the actually game, though.


jriquelme_paraguay3046d ago

really bad graphics...
i dont know about the game. But graphics are ugly.

360 blurred.. ps3 jaggies

Ranshak3046d ago

Its the case with every multiplat, Console gamers end up paying more then get a lesser version.

Yea the PC does cost more initially like 300usd more but then almost every game is superior and cheaper. Its even cheaper if people buy these games 2-3months later at dirt cheap prices on Steam discounts like 15-20usd for 2-3month old games.

imvix3046d ago


I personally bought Bioshock 2 for 14usd on Steam after 3months of launch. Paying 50usd for most games on launch is an overkill imo.

Only games i will be buying full priced this year are Witcher 2 which i bought for 45usd and portal 2 which i got for 40usd due to buying a bundle with a friend.

Pixelated_Army3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

PS3 gameplay and the commentator gives his first impression of the MP.
(f**k graphics it's all about gameplay)

inveni03045d ago

Now that I've updated my PC (spent about $1000 on a new rig), I find myself looking forward to PC games. I've been really impressed with DX11. I still have my favorite PS3 games, but DX11 makes me a little anxious to see the next evolution of consoles.

As far as this game goes, I think the premise is awesome, but the game doesn't seem to deliver.

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chazjamie3046d ago

i can honestly say there does not seem to be a major difference between the three, which isnt saying much. the game does not look that great to begin with

Thrillhouse3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

I'd say that the PC version has better lighting.

Alongside resolution, AA and performance improvements (up to each different rig).

But yeah, on all platforms it's not that great in the first place.

joydestroy3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

wut? the first image i can tell a huge difference between PC versus console versions

edit: yeah textures are more crips/detailed and wow there are some serious jaggies on the PS3 version

WetN00dle693046d ago

The game does look good! Must be one of those COD fanboys that are trying to give this game a bad name.

jriquelme_paraguay3046d ago

If you hate CoD, OK... but this game does not look good

Baka-akaB3046d ago

even fans of Homefront agree the game isnt looking good , but would find other qualities instead .

WetN00dle693046d ago

Never said i hated COD. Its a pretty good series.


That is true BUT there is no doubt that the games Multiplayer section look fun! With or without its graphical faults.

DelbertGrady3046d ago

I got flamed in the Lense of truth article for pointing out that the textures in the 360 version had not loaded properly (a common UE3 problem that's remedied by installing the game).

In this comparison the 360 textures suddenly look much better. How very strange. /s

toaster3046d ago

Yeah that happens in every UE3 game, even on PC. It's annoying as hell.

humbleopinion3045d ago

I wonder: Did you get flamed for pointing out that the textures did not load properly on the 360 (which was obvious from the screenshots), or for pointing out that this can be remedied by optionally installing the game on the 360, thus having a proper comparison by leveling the field with the mandatory install in the PS3?

MGRogue20173046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

The game looks like crap on all the platforms.. so, no comparison is needed.

Crysis 2 on the other hand... We will most definately see "differences" between PS3 & 360 versions

Hanuman3046d ago

You mean the case it's sold in, right?

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