EU PSN Store Update: 04/10/07

The European Playstation Network Store has been updated and is Live right now. The update includes:

Clive Barker's Jericho Demo
Stuntman: Ignition Demo
Bladestorm Demo
Skate Demo

Snakeball Trailer
GRAW 2 Trailers (Launch Trailer, Moves/Control/Aiming Trailers)
Haze Gameplay Trailer

Blast Factor Wallpapers (Red and Lab)
FlOw Wallpaper

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jromao4031d ago

We don't get the PES demo while it's on xbox marketplace for 2 weeks already.

Sony isn't doing right about PES, the guy responsable for PSN updates should explain this.

karan74031d ago

yehhhhh man fcuk i was waiting got up getting ready to go 2 school n i see this bullshit..............where is pes2008 demo wtf im mad??? why they not putting up the demo yet?

Rama262854031d ago

If I didn't have a US account, this update wouldn't be all that bad....

What is annoying though is that XBL have had the PES demo for a while now, but I don't want to play it on the Xbox, I want to play it on my PS3 - where it's meant to be played! :)

masterg4031d ago

Bladestorm Demo is the only thing I haven't played yet on this update.
Damn me and my US account.

Shadow Flare4031d ago

Dunno why they put another snakeball trailer on there though, we already got one a few weeks ago

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The story is too old to be commented.