Evil Genius Simulator - New Kinect Hack is »muhaha-wesome«

A new kinect hack is called Evil Genius Simulator. Kinect was connected to two tesla coils. If the users are moving their hand, bolts of electricity are fired off. Muhahahahaha - Eat this Spider-Man!

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macky3013518d ago

what is »muhaha-wesome«, is that some idiot actually payed 150 usd for this piece of shit,...

Kurt Russell3518d ago

We use it at work for motion capture straight to Max. It's an excellent bit of kit regardless of the games available.

Troll elsewhere.

DarkTower8053518d ago

It sure looks like the guy is having a blast. Isn't that what its all about? You shouldn't let someone else's joy get you down like that.

anthem3518d ago

The sub pic should read more like
There was a fire fightttttttt

karl3518d ago

the tesla coils.. they come with the gamE?