Colin McRae: DIRT(PS3) Review by Pro-G

Rallying is a motorsport that seems tailor-made for video games, yet its thrilling high speed racing around the most perilous of courses doesn't seem to get as much attention as the Gran Turismos and Ridge Racers of this world. Colin McRae: Dirt combines the precision and concentration of the most hardcore sims with the thrills and immediacy of the best arcade racers, and throws in a stunning next-gen engine. Has rallying finally made its move into the mainstream, ready to achieve worldwide

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cheatmaster284032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

The graphics in that game are nice but when i played the demo i couldnt control the car very well so im glad they didnt score it bad based on that.

mighty_douche4032d ago

but im not sure why a reviewer would mark a game down purely because your no good at it!

any way... would any be brave enough to give this game a bad review after the recent news??

Ignorant Fanboy4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

I beat it months ago on 360, have fun.

Stomps motorstorm in every way.

cheatmaster284032d ago

Actually IGN gave Lair a bad review because they coulnt figure out the sixaxis in time so yeah that does happen. When he explained it in the vid how he did it he said he was shaking the control really fast and thats not how your supposed to do it. So pretty much he gave it a bad review because he sucked at it. Go figure.

Bordel_19004032d ago


I'm also glad they didn't take into consideration how much you suck at controlling the car in the PS3 demo. ;)

I think Dirt is awesome to drive, specially the Subaru and the Citroën in the demo. Takes some time to get to grips with it, but after that you just fly through the courses.

Defenite buy for me.

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picker3324032d ago

This game would be better if there was online.
But i love it anyway!

BigBadPolo4031d ago

I can't recommend this game enough! I've been playing it on 360 for a while and I urge you PS3 folks not to miss it. Once you start moving up levels and start racing the semi's, etc. it become absolutely a blast. It also features one of the best in car views I've ever experienced in a game. It's not quite as balls out as say Motorstorm but for fun, addicting off-road racing with real licensed cars you can't beat DiRT. Great graphics, great game, fully worth the $60!

MaximusPrime4031d ago

i got DirT myself and im enjoying it. Of course the graphic and handling of vehicles aint good but im still enjoying the game.

Mr Marbles4031d ago

I rather enjoyed the game, but that was months ago, I don't know how you guys put up with getting games literally months after launch, for no good reason other than you payed more for your console, man it sux to be a PS3 fan.

MaximusPrime4031d ago

Nah its awesome to be a PS3 fan. This coming few months will see PS3 becoming big.

As for delays, Im alright with that. I actually glad that i got DirT a few months after it releases for xbox 360. I found notable improvement on PS3 version.

I got to admit it, PS3 controller is better than xbox 360's. Its trigger is softer and easier to use when accelerating your vehicle.

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