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Lens of Truth writes "Welcome back for another exciting HD screenshot comparison! HomeFront is published by THQ, developed by Kaos Studios, and makes its way to stores tomorrow. So which version of the FPS should multi-console owners be picking up? Well, we can't give you that answer just yet. What we can do is provide you with a Head2Head HD screenshot comparison to help you decide. Let us know what you think.

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Baron794818d ago

Awesome I was waiting for someone to do this..

Nitrowolf24818d ago (Edited 4818d ago )

dude wtf look at the 2nd picture, wtf is up with the 360 texture. That nasty pop in.
the difference between lighting and coloring is completely noticeable.

I think by looking at these it' kind of hard to tell which one is better. I mean you can clearly see the difference between the 2, i look at the PS3 it looks more lighter and has more color and even details, but when i see the 360 version it's darker but can still give off a good look. Either way this game isn't really much to brag about in graphics.

but that first picture is a blurry mess, the 360 one having more blur (on the hanging cloth)

@ Below

it has a 2GB

Tempjf4818d ago (Edited 4818d ago )

Typical loading issues with Xbox and normal maps. I bet the PS3 had some kind of install to avoid crap like that...

lucifon4818d ago

Unreal Engine texture fade in. Installing the game to 360 will no doubt stop that, play something like Borderlands and it takes a couple of seconds to fade in then when installed you don't even notice it.

Other than that no AA used whatsoever on PS3 version is a shame. Getting it on 360 anyway myself as that's where my buddies all are playing it.

Fred-G-Sanford4818d ago

I'm less concerned about graphical differences and more concerned about the controller when it comes to playing FPS games.

The 360's controller is incredible, while the PS3's Dualshock feels like it was made for the hands of a 9 year old asian boy.

Playing games with the Dualshock is like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube while wearing mittens. lol

zootang4818d ago (Edited 4818d ago )

If I had a decent PC it would be for that but PS3 will do with the free online and the fact it looks alot better on PS3.

hennessey864818d ago

ps3 is the better looking version

nveenio4818d ago

Both look like crap. I'd like to see the PC version. It could be that the artists on this game just suck.

TreMillz4818d ago

many people seem to forget that the PS3 was the lead console during development. Might be the reason PS3 looks a little better.

DaTruth4818d ago

Many people also forget that when a game looks better on the 360 and it's the lead platform!

fr0sty4818d ago (Edited 4818d ago )

I'd have to call that "PS3 was the lead console during development" into question, TreMillz. I am a gaming journalist that attended a THQ press event for Homefront recently, and they had Xbox 360 banners everywhere, Xbox 360 napkins, nothing but xbox 360's on the show floor, and not a single PS3 running Homefront to be seen. PS3's were there, but playing video trailers. The whole place was Xbox land (this was in new york at THQ's "gamers day" event).

If PS3 were the lead version, don't you think they would have bothered to show it off to us journalists?

thrasherv34818d ago (Edited 4818d ago )

@fr0sty The PS3 WAS the lead platform. Later in it's development MS recognized HF as a contender to Battlefield 3(at the very least on the console) so they paid KAOS for advertisement and ONE exclusive map(which might turn out not to be so "exclusive.") You think as a "gaming journalist" you wouldn't get this info in this way.

EDIT: And this is well documented and stated by the developers multiple times.

fr0sty4818d ago (Edited 4818d ago )

I was running a camera, not my job to keep up with the games. Photojournalist would better describe it.

And btw, the game rocks. I've just never seen it on PS3, as they weren't trying to show it off.

Vherostar4817d ago (Edited 4817d ago )

This just proves that its the developers at fault for one console looking better than another and it's nothing to do with 360.. I fully expected yet another 360 just beating PS3 I never expected the 360 to be that bad.. The texture problem is too obvious. Seems certain devs prefer certain consoles? THQ prefer ps3 and 360 came second whereas Epic are the opposite. Seems PS3 is on a roll though lately as DA2 and MvC3 was also looking better on ps3.. This will shut those 360 fanboys up for a short while at least.

NukaCola4817d ago

Why are some of the 360 screens blurry as hell?

The PS3 screens looks a lot better. I would of waited until the textures come in before capturing a pic.

jacobdevos4817d ago

what really pisses me off is in that picture.. the ps3 has the upper hand.. click the 'show 360' link at the bottom.. it shows the ps3 picture and vice versa.. These guys always make these 'mistakes' that make the comparisons completely ambiguous

paintsville4817d ago

The xbox does have some pop in issues, no doubt about it. However, the ps3 version has a very flat lighting setup (as see on character face closeup) and ambient occlusion is really lacking on the ps3 version as well (as is usual). Overall it's pretty close but it'll really come down to performance. As is usually the case 360 will win this with better frame rate, less torn frames, and equal or better load time that require NO MANDATORY install.

finbars754817d ago

I have been playing this game all morning and it looks a hell of alot better then those screenshots period.Im playing it on the PS3 which to me doesnt really matter.My point is that screenshots are always inaccurate.Put up actually gameplay footage then come back in here and tell me your sorry for such shit pics.

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DelbertGrady4818d ago

I think I'll wait for Digital Foundrys comparison. LOT aren't credible.

In some of the screenshots the textures of the 360 version haven't loaded, and some of the PS3 shots have movement blurs while the 360 is still. Overall a very poor comparison.

RudeSole Devil4818d ago (Edited 4818d ago )

Right, and its called motion blur. BTW the PS3 version kicks ass.

zootang4818d ago (Edited 4818d ago )

Strange that delbert? You have always trusted them in the past when the 360 has come out top. Personally I've never trusted them just like VGchartz.

We all know by now, the console that produces the best graphics is the PS3. Multi plaform titles have neglectable differences.

king dong4818d ago (Edited 4818d ago )

agreed. the first two 360 screens havent loaded correctly!

how can they be considered?

some shots are better on the ps3, some are better on the 360.

pretty tight. in all honesty, this doesnt change for which system i will be picking this game up tomorrow.

@ sam_i_am i didnt see it like that. but i still dont see how now a resource problem comes into a "screen shot" head to head

4818d ago
lucifon4818d ago

Seems like a rushed lazy one. Look forward to Digital Foundrys Comparison, always very technical and in-depth.

HolyOrangeCows4818d ago (Edited 4818d ago )

Riiiiight, Delbert. Now that the tides have turned, it's a poor comparison. Clearly the 360 version is dark and incredibly dull.

And the pop-ins, too, geez. (No, optional install isn't an excuse....not every model has a hard-drive)

I'll bet the PS3 runs better, too. Since LoT didn't do a regular overall comparison (this is just screenshots).

@People claiming the 360 version has more AA than PS3 version:
Look at images 1 and 2. Clearly they have the same AA (if that's any at all).

"so now this will turn into one of the greateztz gamez in history"
Right, because I said ANYTHING about the quality of the gameplay....
If anything, I think it looks like another generic game but with some interesting story elements (but too much generic telling of the story...couldn't look more like COD:W@W if it tried).

king dong4818d ago Show
Kurt Russell4818d ago

If those screenshots are true to it, the PS3 definitely has the edge. I would hope some of those xbox shots were suffering from unloaded textures though, as some parts are fuck awful!

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JsonHenry4818d ago

The wall textures look way better on the PS3. But the character models look better on the Xbox.

Both version look "meh" to me though. But I don't think it matters too much, as this game has been getting solid reviews. Looks like everyone is gonna win.

evilmonkey5014818d ago

The ps3 screens are much better looking. I prefer to judge a moving image though...
It seems like the xbox version has a severe texture issue.

Crazyglues4818d ago (Edited 4818d ago )

Wow I'm in shock, the game actually looks better on the PS3.. wow

This is a shocker I just didn't expect this because PS3 is always getting done dirty on these multi-platform games...

-but wow this looks really good on the PS3

-To My 360 people I guess for the first time you feel our pain- it's not that your system can't do it, it's just for whatever reason a much better one was done for PS3 (maybe it's because the PS3 was the lead, I don't really know)

-but I do know that for the first time ever you guys feel our pain, that's what we have to go through every time getting a lame version for no reason.. Sucks doesn't it..

Now Maybe you guys see why we get so upset when developers do us dirty for no reason... -sorry y'all got done dirty this time.

In a perfect world both versions would just look great because we are all gamers and just want to enjoy our game no matter what we are playing on.. and since we all have to pay the same price for the game... -they should be equal

-But wow, I might actually have to get this game now, what a shocker -never expected that. -Looks really good on the PS3


matt_hooper4818d ago

PS3 all the way on this one.