Colin McRae DIRT: Eurogamer Review - "a fitting finale"

It's fair to say that being a PlayStation 3 owner has, to date, demanded the sort of patience that would test even the most hardened Sony apologist. If the European launch delay wasn't enough of a bitter pill to swallow, this year has seen all manner of top-tier titles launch weeks - if not months - later on PS3.

Eurogamer have taken the unusual step of re-reviewing Colin McRae DIRT for a few reasons. Firstly, PS3 owners might not necessarily appreciate just how good this game is - by their very nature, tardy ports tend to go under the radar, with hard-pressed publications likely to prioritise new stuff ahead of a conversion that's likely to be functionally identical. But DIRT deserves an extra push, partly because it's largely excellent, but also because it got unfairly overlooked when it was originally released on Xbox 360 in June.

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