PlanetXbox360 Review: Project Gotham Racing 4

Two years ago when Microsoft launched its next-gen console Bizarre Creations was right there with the Xbox flagship racing series Project Gotham Racing. Now they are ready to up the ante and give gamers a chance to try new things with the old formula. Yes, at first glance PGR4 does feel/look a lot like the previous version, but the developers have added just enough spice to bump it up into the "must buy" category. For a franchise that coined the term "kudos" it is hard to imagine what could be next, the answer is a two-wheel vehicle and a rainstorm; that's right, this time around the Gotham racing series is heading to the motorcycle category with weather. Luckily they decided not to isolate the motorcycles in races of their own (although this is available) but you can race them in whatever mode you want. There are some races that are "car only" but if that's not the case PGR4 lets gamers prove which vehicle is the best. There were a good amount of complaints with PGR3 (most caused by launch deadlines) when it was released side by side with the 360 some two years ago, most of those have been cleared up this time around.

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