EA stuffs 13 C&C games into one pack

13 games from veteran RTS series Command & Conquer are being squeezed into a new PC compilation pack.

Command & Conquer Saga, as the pack is called, includes the recently released C&C 3: Tiberium Wars and indeed more GDI and Nod warfare than you can shake Kane's goatee at.

To date, Saga's only been confirmed for North America where it'll release this month at $49.99. We're are waiting on EA for word on any European release plans.

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MK_Red4033d ago

WTH, I knew EA is a money leech but I didn't know how disgusting they can be: They released a C&C compilation a year or 2 ago which had about 10 C&C games. This is simply robbing the fans.

vidoardes4033d ago

Actually it's worse than that, they released a pack called 'The First Decade' (the on I think you are talking about), it contained everything this pack does except C&C3

MK_Red4033d ago

Yes, 'The First Decade'.
This is simply shamefull. EA, shame on you. Just when I was getting a bit less of a EA hater, they release C&C Saga which is First Decade plus C&C3.
Guess they will release a "The Second Decade" featuring the ones from First Decade as well as C&C3 and C&C3 expansion pack.

Lotto4033d ago

They are milking C&C dry

kn4033d ago

When the "compilations" come out, the average gamer gets sick of the game after playing it over and over in so many variations...