Dexter: The Game now out on PC

Realm of Gaming has posted news that Dexter: The Game is now available for download on the PC.

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Warprincess1163965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

I love this show and Michael C Hall is hot

Bigbangbing3965d ago

Great.. but the 5th season was really bad.

Cerv-Clash3965d ago

not really bad just bad compared to the other seasons...It would be cool if the game would be like LA Noire except Dexter style

Prophet1123965d ago

Love the show as well, but this game is complete crap.

Active Reload3965d ago

Hope it's good! This made me think of the Lost video game, which I loved, although it was too short. In some ways Lost was actually better than Alan Wake. But like I said, it was severly short.

midgard2273965d ago

a dexter i luv the show but this just has to be bad lol