What if Dexter was a Major Videogame?

How do you craft a videogame based on a television show about a serial killer who kills other serial killers? ponders what a Dexter game would look and play like on major game consoles and PC.

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fluffydelusions3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Wasn't there a Dexter game on iOS? Dexter is cool but my new favorite show is Breaking Bad :)

PirateThom3577d ago

Bubble up for good taste.

Bull5hifT3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

I like Breaking Bad, and that , The Walking Dead, and Generation Kill, Band of Brothers, and Dexters Labratory, i used to really like Cartoon cartoon Fridays.. Sad i also watched The Powerpuff Girls, i liked Invader Zim, Chappelles Show , and the Old Ren & Stimpy.... Even Married With Children was sometimes Relatable ...... Aqua Team Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, Southpark, Tosh.O , Beavis and Butthead, X-Play

Hellsvacancy3577d ago

Breaking Bad and Game Of Thrones

A Dexter game would be cool but would probably be crap, ALL movie/tv games are rubbish, Prison Break anyone?

MintBerryCrunch3576d ago

don't forget The Walking Dead

3574d ago
TrendyGamers3576d ago

There is a Dexter game already but it isn't very good. A major Dexter game would probably work well, could be a sort of splinter cell rip off where you stalk all of your victims.

jony_dols3575d ago

Manhunt 1 & 2 is pretty much Dexter on steroids...

zeal0us3577d ago

-News outlets would be all over it.
-ESRB would probably give it an unfair A rating
-Some to most retailers would not sell the game being that it would probably have an A rating.

SockMaster3577d ago

It would probably be terrible, i really love dexter and after seeing the Lost game's reception, it would probably be terrible, unless..Rocksteady are Dexter fans! ;)

On a side note, America has some fantastic TV I love dexter (probably my favourite TV show) and i heard from many freinds/family that breaking bad is fantastic, should check it out on the interwebs :3

fluffydelusions3577d ago

definitely check breaking bad

LarVanian3577d ago

Bryan Cranston was the best thing about Malcolm in the Middle. He is an absolutely gifted and underrated actor that has proved himself in both comedy and drama. I really wish he would get more roles in movies.

LarVanian3577d ago

A Dexter game would probably be boring. All you would do is stalk Dexter's soon to be victims, before abducting and killing them. Unless the game allowed you to play as characters such as Debra, Quinn and Batista in which car chases and gun-fights would be justified, I think the game would be pretty dull.
That said, Dexter is a great show, and last Sunday's episode gave me nightmares.

Pikajew3577d ago

It would be cool to see a Chuck videogame

Canary3575d ago

Or a Dexter's Lab game.

A game based on the HBO series would be all kinds of awful.

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