25 reasons White Knight Story outclasses all other RPGs

25 reasons WKS will be the RPG to own, from GamesRadar:

1) Let's get straight to the point: it's got seven-metre tall knights smacking the shit out of each other. That's taller than Shaq and about the same size as a Predator. We're sold already

2) Level-5's excellent RPG pedigree consists of Dark Cloud, Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2 in the US), Dragon Quest VIII: The Journey of the Cursed King and Rogue Galaxy, as well as the Jeanne D'Arc on PSP. So it's bound to be good - we'd put money on it.

3) It'll be a mammoth 50-60 or so hours long, which puts it in the Oblivion category of epic RPGs. Must be all those cutscenes.

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MK_Red4035d ago

1 reason is enough for me: It's developed by Level 5.

JsonHenry4035d ago

This game sounds good, but it still does not sound like it has sh*t on Mass Effect.

Of course they are both two different types of RPGs. For a J-RPG it sounds pretty kick arse though.

nasim4035d ago

CBOTS never give up

WKS will move perhaps a million console in JAPAN and this ultrarealistic game is now being compared to Mass effect -- a cartoon game with liliput aliens

BOTS never give up

lonestarmt4035d ago

o man, you just had to say it. Mass effect looks cool, but come on, thats just full spectrum warrior, just in space and with a storyline. This is a true rpg. I got to defend my JRPGs lol

Douchebaggery4035d ago

"The character creation system will be more in-depth than Oblivion's, to the extent that you can even customise your persona's facial wrinkles."

a jrpg with character creation that's something you don't see everyday

with a price drop and WKS ps3 might just have a good holiday season in japan

MK_Red4035d ago

"a J-RPG with character creation that's something you don't see everyday"
Good point but deeper than Oblivion!? Now that's some feat.

HardKnockKid244035d ago

Sounds great. Another reason for me to consider buying a PS3 in 08/ But I dont think this game has a chance of outclassing Mass Effect. I dont think i've played an rpg yet that has outclassed KOTOR, so I have faith in Bioware's talents.

lonestarmt4035d ago

how do you explain jade empire then?? KOTOR was a great game, but people who say its one of the best rpgs is either american biased, or a star wars nerd. KOTOR 2 wasn't very good, but that wasn't bioware i think.

Aniperk4035d ago

This will be easily stand next to FF. Thank god we have those japanese
people on this planet.

hulk_bash19874035d ago

I agree with you but i would have worded it in a much less racist sounding way.

risk4035d ago

how is that racist? hes not discriminating them.

JsonHenry4035d ago


Did you even read his comment? He was not being racist in the slightest.

hulk_bash19874035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

LOL, wow okae so y does it sound racist??? Umm how about the "those japanese people" comment that was in there. It may not be discriminatory but clumping a small japanese developer into something as generalized as "those japanese people" is a bit racist imo. Then agen thats my thoughts. Level 5 is a great development team regardless of their ethnicity, lets jus leave it at that. Oh and Tell ur mom 2 stop calling me Json, its starting to make her seem desperate. STFU ryt back at u.

fredy4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

"those japanese people".....

they are "developers" for godsakes..

not every japanese is good at what they do , aswell as the games they make.

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hulk_bash19874035d ago

Loved Rouge Galaxy and Jean D'ark, cant wait for this game, '08 cant come any sooner.

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