Midway Encountering Unreal Engine Issues on PS3

Not long after Midway announced Unreal Tournament 3 would be moving out of the 2007 release timeframe on the PlayStation 3, Midway CEO David Zucker held a conference call to address how this would affect their financial situation through the rest of the year.

Zucker was very specific about the company's roadblocks on the PS3 platform, citing "technical issues with the Unreal Engine 3.0" with finishing work on the PS3 versions of Stranglehold and Area 51: Blacksite. Consequently, Area 51: Blacksite will be arriving three weeks after the Xbox 360 and PC versions drop at the end of October, while Stranglehold remains an unspecified fourth quarter release.

Midway says the technical issues on the PS3 have been ironed out, however, and following the release of Unreal Tournament 3 in early 2008, they expect the PS3 versions to arrive date and date with Xbox 360 and PC SKUs going forward.

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skynidas4033d ago

oh look what a coincidence this news comes from 1up..and look how they make the title to hurt the ps3 reputation...stupid biased site

Tommie4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Live with it. Developers are complaining about the UE3 engine on PS3 and its not just Epic. Its not Epics fault the UE3 engine won't work proparly on the PS3 because Sony just jumped in to late to provide decent development tools and software.

Violater4033d ago

"Midway says the technical issues on the PS3 have been ironed out, however, and following the release of Unreal Tournament 3 in early 2008, they expect the PS3 versions to arrive date and date with Xbox 360 and PC SKUs going forward."

Firewire4033d ago

"As a public company, Midway felt an obligation to its shareholders to let them know about the possibility of a delay. But our goal is still to get the PS3 version of UT3 in stores before the end of 2007. However, we will only ship it once it’s ready and is the best game we can deliver. The PC version is still on track for a November release.

In addition there is some good news as a little extra time in development means that now the PS3 version will have all of the same maps as the PC version whereas we previously expected to ship a fewer maps on console."

-Mark Rein


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WilliamRLBaker4033d ago


""- Personal attacks on other members will not be tolerated and will result in temp or permanent ban.""
calling for users to debubble others is in line with that.

JsonHenry4033d ago

I would bet anything the problem had to do with limited memory and cache available to the CELL.

Too bad the PS3 did not go with a unified memory architecture, it would be a beast.

Kleptic4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

jasnhnry...haha why do you always chime in as if you understand video game programming, the PS3 architecture...or electronics in know nothing about parallel processing apparently... Limited cache in the Cell?...what?...

and unified memory has nothing to do with anything either...what are you talking about? up on memory bandwidth between the unified 360 and semi-unified PS3 (the RSX can use some XDR, but the Cell only uses the server class XDR, not any of the GDDR3)...

the memory problems with the PS3 have been well documented...and always attributable to the OS footprint being nearly double the 360...its not because of the "unified memory is better" ignorant people made up...John Carmack addressed exactly what I just said...he knows more about everything than you...stop making stuff up...its either you make stuff up, or come up with horrible automobile analogies that are also flawed by the fact that you overlook simple engineering principles...and they don't correlate at all with what you are trying to point are a frustrating person...

and please reply back with how much cache is available to the Cell...I really want to see you type it...I apologize for the attack in advance...but you have been making posts like this for a quite a while now...this has been coming...

WilliamRLBaker4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Bottleneck installshield.

any time you have 2 pools of memory running at drastically different speeds they create an bottle neck between each other, and between the cpu and gpu.

Thats a fact of the computer world, The bottle neck in the ps3 makes the 360's ram the faster, Because it has not the bottleneck to deal with.

Edit: @installshield below
Wow a lil touchy arn't we? did I say the 360 was the best? when it comes to specs Ps3 wins out, But specs MEAN NOTHING.....N.O.T.H.I.N.G

Results matter and the simple fact is so far the results show Wii and 360 are better, Wii because of price, and games, And 360 because of the sheer power of the results devs are geting out of it.

The 360 has its flaws, But so does the ps3, Henry has a point when he says limited memory, but not when he says Cache, the Ondie cache of the cell is amazing this is a simple fact.

The memory is one of its faults, when you have 2 different pools of memory running at very drasticly different speeds they create a bottle neck, and when the CPU and GPU want to cross use stuff in each memory pool it creates a bottleneck between the cpu and gpu, This is a fact of the computer world look it up.

Ps3 is an amazing machine and Midway has said they've ironed the problems out, so im sure UT3 will be amazing.

Edit2: thats your problem you use so much sarcasm to cover up the fact you dont know diddly squat about hardware or software for that matter, Instead of using your own knowledge, you use someone elses, *john carmacks* which is wrong by the way, hes not an hardware engineer, and he dont work at sony yet knows all this stuff? that even sony wont admit too? righttt...

Just face it The memory problems are the source of most of the problems on the ps3, Which is why 99% of the multiplatform games on it have bad frame rate issues...ect

Kleptic4033d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

oh I apologize then...I didn't know it was that simple...the 360 is obviously the best console long as it doesn't have a "bottleneck"...

You two have enlightened me...I had no idea hardware engineering was so easy...

I am done with the sarcasm...again...Mr. Carmack addressed exactly what this argument is about when interviewed about console development for Quake Wars...He went on to say that right now the only thing holding back the PS3 is the OS footprint still being pretty high...optimizations keep coming in with every firmware...but the game will still have to ship with around 20 megs less available ram than that of the 360...and thats the only thing that hurts it...

he went on to note that the PS3 has a processor that can sing when coded right...but that it is not worth the effort "yet" on a multiplatform game...the memory architecture is perfect for code that utilizes the ridiculous amount of parallel processing that the Cell is capable of...but parallel code is expensive and time consuming to create...but he went on to note that the PS3 and 360s memory architecture are overall just as restrictive on development...the 360 has that extra 10 megs hidden in there that can be used for AA, etc...while the PS3 has server class XDR with a higher bandwidth...they cancel each other out...However both have 512megs should have been doubled...

translation to all of what John Carmack said:...PS3 exlusive games will show some of its potential...multiplatform games won't even come close...its the opposite of last generation...

EDIT @ ABOVE:...It is my fault for bringing the 360 into it...It was henry's "unified" response that made me bring it up...that argument is always used, and I never understand why...

but anyway...I don't pretend to be a hardware engineer...but I do know more about than some people who almost pretend to do it for a living...I am a mechanical engineer by profession, and while that is radically different than computer hardware engineering, I have had more education in it than some who claim to have it mastered...

but I have no credibility in it...John Carmack is generally the most innovative and talented programmer that ever worked in the industry...what he says DOES matter...Him not being a hardware engineer (which he basically could be anyway) is irrelevent, he has created code for the most unique types of architecture for the last decade and a half...I was paraphrasing what he said in a recent interview, because it contradicted what you were saying...thats all...He didn't say anything Sony won't admit to...But he understands the architecture...he understands its strengths...and he understands how to use it...his argument was just that it is not worth the expense in some situations...

but you are right...I never should have brought the 360 into it...looking back on the original post, it was stupid move on my part...

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xaphanze4033d ago

'' they expect the PS3 versions to arrive date and date with Xbox 360 and PC SKUs going forward. ''


Lord Anubis4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

I guess no one told Midaway that Epic is not working on the Xbox 360 version until the PC and PS3 are out due to lack of man power. Once the PC version is out the man power is transfered to PS3 and Gears of wars PC. After the PS3 is done then they'll do the Xbox 360.

the deal is only to help epic adopt the engine for PS3 architecture, I guess its foreseeable to see why, but the help sony provided was only in respect of EDGE.Nothing more nothing less. the SN tools will arrive, I hope soon and things will be rosy for SCEI.

xaphanze4033d ago

what about the deal between epic and sony?

Nuclearwinter4033d ago

You probably missed the couple words infront of your quote that said "and following the release of Unreal Tournament 3 in early 2008...". Which means that after UT3 they expect all PS3 titles to be released along side their 360 and PC counterparts. Not that UT3 will be released on PS3 and 360 at the same time. Hell they aren't even working on the 360 version yet.

razer4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Because about 4 months ago it was on the cover of Official Xbox Magazine and they were at Epic studios playing the game on the 360. Sounds to me like they are well into developement and I would guess that it's being built right along side the PC version.

The lead designer was quoted as saying "The 360 is the graphics bar we are using for this game, and our bigger concerns are getting it to run on lower spec PC's". Also quoted was a favorite of Sony fanboys to twist where they say "UT3 is looking/running better than Gears was at this point in development". They did say Gears plus graphics and that cover is for whimps but I think you can see by the videos/screenshots that it is on-par with Gears but does not exceed it by some great degree.

This is straight from the devs themselves, well before Sony came in with their $$$$ and paid Epic off to hold back the 360 version.

CrazzyMan4033d ago

@razer, can you provide me some screens from UT3 x360 version with showing some x360 buttons on screens?

while i have seen eternal sonata ps3 trailer(with ps3 buttons), though game will come on ps3 only after 6 month.
same for CoD4, there are trailers with ps3 buttons.

so can you? :)

BloodySinner4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

If you don't believe razer, I can provide some scans for you. Because I have that issue of OXM.

razer4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

With Xbox 360 buttons on screen? All I can tell you is read the July issue of OXM and they are there, but there is no visible HUD.

You can check those screenshots as well from the 360 version.

EDIT: Ah, thanks BloodySinner, I was starting to think I was the only person who read that magazine. lol

CrazzyMan4033d ago

i know about scans, but they are not PROVE, if there is no HUD of x360 buttons.
do you understand? i need scans with x360 buttons in UT3, not just scans from magazine, wich says, that they play x360 version without ANY PROVE.

oh, ok, you believe OFFicial x360 magazine, and i Don`t, so if you say, that there is UT3 x360 version, just show me some HUD. Your arguments must be proved with FACTS.
do you read me? =))

WilliamRLBaker4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

July 2007.

Exclusive UT3 hands on, They mention UT3 and playing it on xbox 360 dev kits, they mention playing againest mark rein, So if you dont believe OXM, and you dont believe Mark rein *because they quote him in the article at times, and if hes ok with them saying its xbox 360 dev kits* then who are you gonna believe?

Kaz harai on video tape, with his grandma, 6 of his boys, the producer of god of war..... (dave chappel/r kelly piss on you trial joke reference)

CrazzyMan4033d ago

JUST show me atleast 1 screen from UT3, with x360 buttons on it.
That`s all. Do i ask too much???

Just because you belive, what they write, while with NO PROVES, you won`t convince me.

p.s. and I WOULDN`T ask, if there wouldn`t be any interviews, where developers said, that they haven`t even started to work on x360 version. I would also believe, but now i don`t and i won`t (AND WHY YOU WOULD???) till you show me some proves.

Alcohog4033d ago

...meaning games using the Unreal Engine 3.0. Not UT3.

WilliamRLBaker4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

So lets get this straght OXM, Official Xbox Magazine Says that They played UT3 on Xbox 360 Dev kits, Epic, Mark Rein, and 2 other guys working for epic said so by taking part in the interview and article process.

Yet now there are interviews within 3 months saying they'd not even worked on the 360 version of the game...SO OXM played the game on ps3s right? *laughs hard*

WE need not give you proof since we have OXM, Mark rein, and 2 other people at epic saying its so from the July issue of OXM.

Edit: have we seen pics of UT3 with ps3 buttons on the screen?

Edit2:I've looked around at all the gaming sites, and Cannot find any images of UT3 with onscreen prompts showing ps3 buttons.

macsto4033d ago

HAHAHAHA WilliamRLBaker just OWNED you crazzyman, your name suits you. Now learn to spell.

JasonXE4033d ago

"know about scans, but they are not PROVE"


don't you mean proof?

CrazzyMan4033d ago

and all what YOU havem are scansm which proves nothing. =))

but, yeah, Believe. :))))))))

macsto4032d ago

Believe what? That this game may very well be out with in WEEKS of the Xbox 360 version as opposed to months? HAHA this game is probably READY for the 360, the ps3 version is just holding it down. Just like GTA4 :)

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FirstknighT4033d ago

Cmon, it's no secret that the unreal engine is not working on the ps3. Not the first developer to complain about the ps3. Maybe instead of pointing the fingers at the developers it's time to start pointing fingers at Sony for developing a console not catered to gaming.

nasim4033d ago

This is why UT3 on ps3 looks milesssssss better than GEARS .

This is why EPIC says "unreal engine 3.0 runs better on ps3"

mighty_douche4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

ignore all the sh1t that comes out of FirstknighT's mouth, just another fanboy trying to get a responce as its the closest to actually friendship he will achieve!!

remember if you just hit that little ignore button you wont have to read this pointless crap anymore.

if we dont 'feed' these idiot fanboys adventually they will leave and the maybe, just maybe we can be GAMERS again not biased children..

edit @ Snukadaman, oh look mr smartpants can now tell wether someones a fanboy or not by simply reading their name. its now fact if you have a 'B' in your name your a xbox fan, thanks for this wonderful insight Snukadaman, you truely are a god amoung men! or is that twat?

Snukadaman4033d ago

a guy nicknamed Mighty_douche calling firstknight a fanboy..complaining about his fanboyism...and i quote

"if we dont 'feed' these idiot fanboys adventually they will leave and the maybe, just maybe we can be GAMERS again not biased children".

what a piece of work...way too live up too your nickname mighty_douche.

macsto4033d ago

This is why the PS3 version of UT3 IS DELAYED. bwahahahahhahaha!

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riqued4033d ago

Weird, Mark Rein said it is delayed to add more content to the game.
Sony is working with Epic on this engine for some time and it's said to be running much better on ps3 than on the 360.

Kulupoo4033d ago

I really dont like article from they didnt search their resource throughly on 360 title or PS3 and they make up stuff to get more hit for their articles...
Previous UE3 titles for PS3 are not fully optimized, but Im pretty sure once UT3 comes out it will change alot of perspectives,just look at some of the developer diary video, it looks amazing. and I dont think 360 version will come out same date as PS3, because mark rein said today at 5:01pm "it might be delayed till December but more development time will allow PS3 having same maps as PC"
But im sure when the 360 version come out is going to be amazing as well (the UT Team never let me down)