Let’s be Honest, DOOM Looks like the Best First Person Shooter We’ve Seen in Ages

Alex from GamersFTW writes:

“In all seriousness though, I feel like DOOM’s success will be measured by how much the game has to offer. Graphically it’s looking spectacular, and I’m sure the latest multiplayer trailer caught all of our attention. Personally, the game is beginning to remind me of those late nights playing Unreal Tournament 3, which is totally a good thing. This, in addition to the promise of user-generated content, is making DOOM look like the best first-person shooter I’ve seen in ages.”

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Shillmeister1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

The campaign looks brilliant, like a true nostalgia trip to the original DOOM titles of old! The multiplayer equally looks like a trip down memory lane to fast-paced and frantic arena games a-la Quake, and honestly the MP REALLY makes me want to the get game at launch to capitalise on the hype. Problem is I'm not overly fussed with multiplayer typically in games, they can get weary after a while, and buying a game solely for its MP is risky - especially on console - as it's heavily dependant on the community!

Rock to my left, hard place to my right..

EDIT: On the MP note, does anyone know if it'll have bots available, similar to Unreal Tournament 3? I still give that a quick play time to time with bots (and all the mad mutators).

c00lvilKid691913d ago

I’m exactly the same, usually multiplayer games are of no interest to me. But DOOM has sparked my curiosity, especially as someone who used to enjoy multiplayer first person shooters like Quake/Unreal. Totally understand your concerns about it being heavily dependant on the community, too. Which is just another reason they should include bots, in case the numbers need to be made up. I’m hoping the community will be good, considering the creative freedoms they’re handing over with the SnapMap thing.

1913d ago
esmittystud1011913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Its basically a "console" ahead, in terms of graphics, of another shooter called Homefront thats getting ready to release. LOL

wakeNbake1913d ago

Well thats just a low budget turd, no comparison at all.

mezati991913d ago

i am gonna have to agree with this

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