1,000 Player FPS – Will It Work?

Back when Zipper Interactive first announced they were working on a massive 256 player shooter game for the PS3 a lot of folks were skeptical about how the end product would look. There is plenty enough lag to go around when you get an 8 player game of anything going and one person has a bad connection. How could they ensure that the game would not only be playable under such a heavy burden of network activity whilst maintaining the level of graphics that todays modern consoles are delivering?

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Dart892875d ago

Hmmm i'm quite intrigued to hear more about this game.

Moduserous2875d ago

Will it make any real difference in terms of gameplay if the player population is spread over too many digital square miles?

NukaCola2875d ago

I would like to see 500 vs 500 in a mideviel game. Imaging 1000s of swords spears and sheilds clashing, horses and catapults. that would be an epic cluster

Capt-FuzzyPants2875d ago

Yes Nuka Cola yes. That would be awesome.But sadly i dont think anyone would develope it unless MM makes a LBP3 and gives us some ridiculous tools.

DA_SHREDDER2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

MAG is a modern day technical achievement for consoles. Sure there are MMO's with higher play count, but MAG virtually had no lag.

HK62875d ago

The only time I ever experienced lag in MAG was when MY connection was playing up.

THC CELL2875d ago

zipper said in a interview they could of added more players but 256 was ideal

bumnut2875d ago

Im not sure it could handle more. There was no lag but the 256 player games had framerate problems.

I don't think we will see more than 256 players until the next generation of consoles are out.

Capt-FuzzyPants2875d ago

I really wish we had more games that are massive like this actually. If they added in more modes then it would have been really good instead of just good.

They should make a Star Wars Battlefront 3 and then make it have massive maps and amount of players. That would actually be my dream FPS.

kneon2875d ago

I'd like to see a super massive FPS, 10s of thousands of players in a campaign that never ends. You'd probably need some sort of command structure like in MAG for it to work.

Rather than waiting for 256 players to start the match you would just wait for a squad to form and deploy together wherever the CO decides the squad is most needed.

Capt-FuzzyPants2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Yea 256 players was a good even way to break people up into platoons and then squads.

hassi942875d ago

Ideal for it to run, yeah. The framerate DOES start getting a little choppy when you have a full 256 player, much more would've been too much for current-gen consoles to handle without majorly compromising graphics.

byeGollum2875d ago

yes it could..
but then the graphics would be 8bit.. unless its PC only

krazykombatant2875d ago

hmmm would have to be ridiculously huge maps to fit 500 v 500...spawns spots would be interesting..

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