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matt from ign writes

"Some time ago, I blogged about playing a cancelled version of Halo DS. The game was the real deal, created by a real development studio and with a very big publisher. But for reasons we won't discuss, Halo DS was never released. Clearly. Obviously. Still, it would've been cool, huh?"

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krackchap4034d ago

halo 4 exclusive on DS-believe
and maybe finally japan will start liking fps games

Hatchetforce4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

God that article is so old. Why bring it up now?

Look at his original article and notice the date:

The guy is a turd.

And even he says "would've" as in IT ISN'T HAPPENING NOW! HASN'T BEEN HAPPENING FOR A WHILE!

EDIT: Disagreeing with the facts doesn't change the facts. And Matt is still a turd for continually whining about this crap for over half a year (Same blog entry caterwalling with a different date) and posting this story without that clarification was still ridiculous.

Snipes204034d ago

I doubt it. This "demo" looks like they took the sound effects, controls, and graphics engine from 007 Rogue Agent for DS. They probably programmed the "startup" screen (that happens to have an amazing load time...). The multiplayer matches have music in them, and every other Halo multiplayer doesn't. Also, the touch screen "enemy" dots don't correspond with the players on the top screen. I also thought that Master Chief could jump...

Seraphim4034d ago

idk which is sicker. The game itself or the fact we'll probably never see it released. A shame to because it certainly looks like it could/would be the BEST FPS to make it to a handheld...

sargas34034d ago

No way MS would let this out on a Nintendo product. But if this is bungie's baby it may still come out now that they split.

4034d ago
sargas34033d ago

Not even sure what that is. But Viva Pinata is not Halo. Master Chief is the MS icon. They cant let him appear on another system. If it happens great! I'm a Halo fan and would love a hand healed version. I just don’t think its good business to let your competitor make money off your product. And everyone knows MS is never one to help out there competition.

squallsoft4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )'s a shame that microsoft had to use it's wallet to block yet another great release from happening. sometimes i really wonder if they give a crap about the gaming industry or are they out there just to dominate the gaming world the way they have dominated the OS scene for so long?


Dudeson424034d ago

Somehow I have a feeling that if they HAD released it on DS, Sony Fanboys (like yourself) would be saying:

"OMG, WOwzzz, Bill Gaytzz is teeming Up w/ itz competiterz, thay R sew PATHITICSZ! M$ Will due NE-thing 2 stop Play$tation from winningz!!!11!!!1!!!lol!11!rof lcopterszzz!1111eleven!11!" ;

Seraphim4034d ago

yeah but no matter what happens there's going to be naysayers. No matter which way you rock the boat you'll get plenty of people who agree, disagree, or just flat out understand. It was a lose lose for MS and apparently they took the bigger loss by not allowing such a game to be finished and published both financially and amongst halo fans who would Kill to see this game released. Even if it is on a competitors handheld. But no matter which way you look at it some will always have something negative to say...

Synex4033d ago

I'm pretty sure only Xbots talk like that.

gEnKiE4034d ago

This is probably the most pathetic thing that i have ever seen.....

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The story is too old to be commented.