Microsoft Ships 10 Million Kinects

Microsoft today announced it has now shipped 10 million Kinect units worldwide to retailers - not sold to consumers - since launch in November.

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Nitrowolf22806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

This is why i hate number/sales war. We always end up hearing that they are actually shipped a few weeks later.
Either way to me, shipped essentially means that they will be sold eventually, it may not be 10 million right now but in 2-4 months it might be.
That being said i'm curious at what are the real numbers, we keep hearing MS gloat about Kinect numbers and yet they havn't gave new numbers for it other then shipped. Which gets me thinking can companies really track how many have actually been sold to consumers? I mean we keep hearing sold and then weeks later it turns to shipped.

@ below

idk i prob. will end up getting disagrees but i think all companies report ship to retailers, or if that's not the case then why is MS always reporting shipped and stating them as sold? They really like to inflate numbers then.

either way like i said these shipped will all be sold eventually as we will hear it again prob around E3 or something after saying Kinect is at 15 million now since launch. I bet real sales are around 7-8 million. Because i really don't think there is 5million Kinect sitting at retailers, 2-3 sound more realistic.

Pixelated_Army2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Wow MS is just notorious with these sold/shipped numbers aren't they. smh

If they haven't sold 10 million units by now then they can't make the claim that Kinect is the fastest selling consumer device in history. It's just more marketing hype.


Yeah you're right I didn't read those marketing BS articles so I'll take your word for it but it doesn't change the fact that MS is stating that it sold these units when in fact they were just shipped to retailers.

No big deal just change it from sold to shipped and we'll be good. So anyone have the actual tally?

feelintheflow2806d ago

You do realize that shipped = sold right. Its not like Best Buy gets the kinect units on consignment. They pay for them whether they sell them or not, so MS gets its money before the consumer purchases the unit.

Redman222806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )


damn. can't load half the links in his article so yeah I think you might be right. : /

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Army_of_Darkness2806d ago

Who the hell is buying it!? I dont know anybody who has one!?

units2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

sony also brag about gran turismo and move shipped numbers

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doG_beLIEfs2806d ago Show
AAACE52806d ago

@Nitro.. The shipped vs. sold thing is basically for investors, not us, not the fanboys either!

The theory is, people hear that an item is selling well. Investors are always on the lookout for that next big thing to drop cash on. So when they see that this company looks to be selling like hotcakes, they rush to drop cash on it!

After the dust has settled, they then release the real numbers! All companies do this to some extent.

N4PS3G2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

@Pixelated Army

Reading is your pal. They didn't claim Kinect was the fastest selling device out of their asses, it was confirmed by Guiness World Records and it was for a period of 60 days, not till 10 million. You can even check their official page:

As for MS being 'notorious' for sold/shipped numbers, get real, they all report shipped numbers.

As for the news, well fu*kin done. They try to downplay shipping 10 million units in 90 days as something bad, when at first they all thought it was going to flop beyond belief. Now they have to spin successful news.

@Pixelated Army
What part of 'No company says 'shipped' you don't understand? Not even Sony says shipped when they report Move shipped numbers, so why is is Microsoft the only one that need to specify "shipped' when No One Else Does? They ALL say sold, or something along those lines.

Nitrowolf22806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

That what i'm thinking to and learned this from marketing class that companies sell to retailers at a discounted price, even if it's not much different then the retail price. And obviously if companies are shipping more out then it means that retailers are running out of supply and need more.
Cause from what i learn is that retailers need to get money and profit to. How do retailers that sell games make profit? yeah theres used games but retailers have to get something in return for distributing other companies product, unless hat said company owns that retailer.

MrBeatdown2806d ago

Seriously? I think Kinect is crap, but all he did was say "well done".

megaglitcher2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Is shipping 10 million something bad now or something? Hell, thats way more than what rivals can brag.

When was the last time Sony reported Move shipped numbers? 4 - 5 months ago?

Jonah_Reese2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Shipped isn't bad per say, it basically means that a few stores ran out of units and.or want more but they didn't SELL 10 million. But the orders are being put in; the boards put these numbers up to give you the sense that they're product is doing well and you need to keep up. For those that don't know, it's like forced word of mouth.

earbus2806d ago

Either way good stuff i forgot no positive ms remarks here sorry.

guigsy2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

We know, it says shipped in the title you moron.

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doG_beLIEfs2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Yes N4G....I am trolling by posting FACTS about MS and their channel stuffing of product to inflate sales goals....and I did it using YOUR you know what N4G? That means YOU ARE TROLLING TOO.

Hypocrites you are.

We will know soon enough when MS has to eventually STOP stuffing the channel. Can even ONE PERSON tell me they saw Kinect sold out...stand alone? Ever wonder WHY that is the case?

Live in your world of make beLIEve if you still does not change the FACTS that I brought up.

It was reported that when MS shipped 8 million Kinects that actually about 5 million were sold to customers...STILL an impressive number but you can see why it is shady at best on MS's part.

So IMO if they have now shipped 10 million Kinects the sell thru must be around 6 million which is again a very impressive number.

I am not saying MS is the only company to channel stuff...however they seem to do it more and BIGGER than most other companies.

Again, we will know next quarter how much MS stuffed the channel with Kinects when the shipped numbers drop like a rock because retailers REFUSE to take anymore simply for no other reason other than they will run out of space to store them all.

@DK286...if the link is just to an anti MS does that explain the numerous links to OTHER articles saying the SAME thing including actual MS SOLD numbers and reduced SHIPMENT numbers? Or this part of the story....

The Fall-Out

I’m sure Chris Liddell was just thrilled at having to stand up in front of the investor community and do a little tap dance around the Xbox 360 channel-stuffing issue. But, of course, he wouldn’t come out and say that, but use some appropriate Alan Greenspan-like euphemisms to convey the point in more oblique terms.

From Reuters 01/25/2007:

LOS ANGELES, Jan 25 (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp. (MSFT.O: Quote, Profile ,Research) on Thursday cut its fiscal 2007 forecast for Xbox 360 video game console shipments, citing unsold inventories in stores, and said it is trying to make sure its gaming division turns a profit in the upcoming fiscal year.

Chief Financial Officer Chris Liddell said Microsoft aims to ship a total of 12 million Xbox 360s by the end of its fiscal year on June 30, down from a previous target of 13 million to 15 million.

“We are just being cautious about the second half. It was always going to be a slow half. We’ve done very well in the first half. There is a reasonable amount of inventory in the channel,” Liddell said in an interview with Reuters.

So what is a “reasonable” amount of inventory in the channel, Chris? Does it have anything to do with shipping (not selling, mind you) 4.4 million units in Q4 2006, with a projected 1.6 million units through the first half of 2007? I guess you guys just had to make that magic 10 million number by the end of 2006, didn’t you? But what did it really mean? Not much, in retrospect.


Please do not confuse my ridicule for anger...why would I be angry at MS's shady business practices? They have done this for get mad about it would be illogical.

I think it is funny that so many of you will IGNORE facts just to suit your opinions...kinda like a Fox News viewer.

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maxcer2806d ago

grats, you just wasted 30mins of your life posting about something as trivial as shipped vs sold. and whats even more pathetic is that its probably the most productive thing you have done all week.

kaveti66162806d ago

You're a really outspoken guy, dog beliefs.

You want everyone to know where you stand on every issue.

It's pretty irritating, to see a man indulge in his own inflated sense of self-worth.

8thnightvolley2806d ago

as much as i congratulate ms on the 10 milll.. i want more hardcore titles..

DelbertGrady2806d ago

You can't have an avatar like that on N4G. It will provoke fanboy seizures.

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