Canceled & Forgotten Game Glory

Daav from gathers all the nostalgia available, scattered throughout the decades, to muster up the most glorious games no one will ever see or even remember. Hailing from SNES to PS3, these technological wonders were just not meant to be and that's a shame!

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Godmars2903925d ago

Really doubt that Ghost has been forgotten.

hellzsupernova3924d ago

yeah i didnt know about it till a couple of months ago. wish they had followed through if theres one company with enough money to do so its blizzard.

morganfell3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

It wasn't actually canceled. I guess that site really is noobfeed.

Now that SCII has shipped it's possible that part of Blizzard may be working on the title. After the game was pulled from Nihilistic and handed over to Swingin Ape, Blizzard bought Swingin Ape studios.

Daavpuke3924d ago

Blizzard themselves noted that they'd indeed would like to revive it (as linked in the article to one of many coverages), but given the circumstance, it's unlikely (WoW ongoing success, Starcraft II continued dev, Diablo III, Titan dev). But yes, it's not yet on a cancel list. The Joystiq article (which I also read) was just as speculative as the others, maybe more so towards a cancellation than anything. I appreciate your devotion for the iteration though; it means people still care.

hellzsupernova3924d ago

"Unfortunately, Blizzard recently explained at the DICE 2011 summit that Starcraft Ghost was canned in favor of World Of Warcraft and Starcraft II, stating: “World of Warcraft exploded, and we had to make some resource decisions. Imagine if the WoW team needed a programmer and an artist, and the [Starcraft Ghost] team [needed them]. Who gets them? It just wasn’t an environment that any project like that could succeed.” That’s right; your everlasting love for WoW killed Nova. I hope you’re happy."

DAMN YOU WOW you killed what couldve been the best stealth action game EVER. although this game would have been far more amazing if released on current gen

BluePumpkin73924d ago

it's a shame edge of twilight will never see the light of day <:(

Daavpuke3924d ago

We contacted Southpeak and we might have a sparkle of hope on this one! Fingers crossed!

dorron3924d ago

DMC for the PSP...that would have been a good one!

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