Kung-Fu LIVE Drop-Kicks its Price in Worldwide Sale on PSN

High-impact motion gaming now available for less.

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PimpHandHappy2784d ago

got a 4yr that loves the demo and i was planning on buying this for him!

not 2flame but is this on Kinect? If not then why even make Kinect in the 1st place? This is the sort of game that needs made for camera games.. I love watching him play.. its funny

FunAndGun2784d ago

Yeah, the game is mad fun playing with friends just messing around. It is not AAA by any means, but it is a unique experience. You are not just the controller, you ARE the character!

PimpHandHappy2784d ago

not many games are AAA at that price range unless your talking used and even then its more like 20 for those... Its fun 4sure