Game Interface Review: Kung-Fu Live (PS3)

One of the most interesting peripherals offered to Playstation 2 owners was the “EyeToy” which saw only minor support from developers despite the potential to reinvent gaming. Upon the release of the Playstation 3, the EyeToy found itself renamed the “Playstation Eye” and is now a key component for the Playstation Move. The concept behind these devices is for the player to engage in an “augmented reality,” which essentially offers the player the ability to interact with objects on the television screen without a physical counterpart. Playstation 3 owners saw a limited number of Eye games prior to the release of the Playstation Move. While these titles include Tori-Emaki, Mesmerize and The Trials of Topoq, the majority of these games prove to be little more than demonstrations for high definition televisions or offer very basic interaction. The creators at Virtual Air Guitar Company sought to break this mold and created a real-time fighting game.

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MintBerryCrunch4117d ago

and yet you bitch when people bash kinect on this site

next time dont be surprised why it happens

VINNIEPAZ4117d ago

Its just when a Kinect article hits its blasted in about 0.03 seconds. But when you see this nothing...were are all the "Xbots" they claim haunt them in the PS articles? I dont see them, but the PS boys just cant STFU about how they feel toward Xbox.

MintBerryCrunch4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

i dont have a problem with kinect...but over the top praising for the tech, like the one dealing with DS2 is pointless

too many articles come in that do nothing for kinect...such as some blog that was approved...and yet they kept calling kinect a "game" the whole time

majority are either misinformed, or over the top....until we see some of those hacks officially supported my MS then people should write about the possibilities

as far as games go, MS has been tight lipped about the project games they have in the pipelines, yet sites keep putting them in the MOST ANTICIPATED GAMES OF 2011 for 360...makes no sense imo

Fred-G-Sanford4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

I got a Playstation Eye when I bought "The Eye of Judgment".

Once I realized that the game was garbage (about 5 minutes after playing it for the first time) I was like "oh well, at least I got this cool Playstation Eye", but 3 years have passed since then and I still have never used it. lol

Way to support the Playstation Eye, Sony. :/

MintBerryCrunch4117d ago


i actually agree...they need to come out with more eye games...something small, liki minis or PSN games...just having the option to play the game without the Move should be implemented since not everyone is willing to shell out the money for the Move controller

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