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There's a lot riding on Heavenly Sword for Sony at the moment. With Xbox 360 still kicking ass (with the likes of Halo 3, BioShock and more), and Nintendo's Wii leading the charge, there has been very little – currently available - on Sony's new console to warrant much interest. Sure there are big name titles on the way such as Assassin's Creed, Haze and Metal Gear Solid 4, to name but a few, but in the interim, there just isn't a lot available on the PS3 that hasn't already been released elsewhere. To this end, Sony have really needed to come to the table with a steady flow of titles (exclusives, no less) to show the punters there's more than enough reason to shell out a thousand bucks for their new system. Thankfully, it looks as though the big black machine's dry-run of games is coming to an end beginning first with Heavenly Sword.

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MK_Red4088d ago

Now that's what I call a biased and fanboyish review. Seriously, even considering the game's short length, HS deserves a 8 at the very least.

lonestarmt4087d ago

seriously another console should never even be brought up when it comes to reviewing a game. Another game maybe. Did he really have to say the 360 is kicking A in the second sentence. You know right there he wasn't going to review this game with an open and free mind.

gunnar29064087d ago

it is because he placed his tvset upside down .. he is in Australia =)

achira4088d ago

can it be more biased ? the first sentence shows already that the reviewer is a xbot.

Violater4087d ago

And thought the same thing.
First sentence I went no further.
I need to start up my own blog and do game reviews, with some of the things these guys say I doubt they even play the games.

nanometric4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

I always like how they stop after telling- Halo 3, Bioshock and more... What is this more? Yes, Halo is freakin big, bioshock is very nice and thats about it imo Oh, yeah, Mass effect, but that isn't out yet, so we can't judge!

P.S. Please don't copy and paste a whole list of games that are on teh 360

EDIT: Ok, point taken!

MK_Red4088d ago

I'm not going to copy & paste and as I said in my first comment, this is a supid review but don't forget about Gears Of War. Also, I really loved Dead Rising.

anh_duong4088d ago

guess he didn't receive any goody bags..

he also gave blue dragon a 3 and stranglehold an 8.5 so his rating is all over the place

SL1M DADDY4088d ago

Anybody that gives Stranglehold and BD scores higher than Heavenly Sword is a simple Xbot with an agenda. It's sad than there are people out there that have a hard time seeing through this garbage.

Bubble up from me mate.

WIIIS14088d ago

Heavenly score that HAHAHAHAHA! Keep talking crap about real AAA games exclusive to Xbox360, Sony girls - it keeps coming back to you.

nanometric4088d ago

Here have a cup of stfu and go back to you cave troll

kreetah4087d ago

Here's what was said of Halo3 so if the xbots agree on HS I guess that have to give a BIG thumbs up to this review too :)

AusGamers Rating: 8.5
Inconsistent visuals
Cheesy story with equally cheesy dialogue
Nothing overly new in the way of gameplay - ultimately the same as it was for the first game

lonestarmt4087d ago

there are tons of great reviews of heavenly sword. When there good, you guys always say, hey who is this guy anyway. His opinion doesnt matter, what does IGN say!Even though there are several other great sites saying otherwise. Then when one review says otherwise you all jump on it haha you suck, ps3 sucks. Double standards all around. " haha this game only averages 8.5, its not a good game, keep waiting, halo rules!!"" give it up already......

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