Lego Star Wars: Wii Controls

See what swinging a lightsaber and using the force is like with the Wiimote.

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toaboa4033d ago

Judging from the video, the wiimote controls looks completely superflous to me. Dont get me wrong, I love the control on the Wii e.g. Resident Evil 4, but looking at my kid playing the original StarWars Lego games on his PS2 using the dual-analog, I dont see the point in using the 'mote at all.

Prismo_Fillusion4033d ago

I concur with everything you've said.

This is an instance of the remote being gimmicky.

marinelife94033d ago

Seriously? That's what a new "innovative" controller brings to the table? Does anyone know if the new Star Wars game will have one to one controls?

kn4033d ago

the 360 instead I think. I've played both of the "separate" lego star wars on the PS2 and the entire game is basically light saber and using the force on a whole bunch of objects. Shaking and swinging will get old really fast I think...

ChickeyCantor4033d ago played it on the you did lotsa button you are getting it for the 360 ....more button bashing.......and shaking gets old?

DUDE XD get real.