7 Star Wars Games So Good You’ll Smack a Wookie

The future is bright for Star Wars. Star Wars: Battlefront II is finally in a good and playable state. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order will be coming from Respawn soon and getting an official reveal. The Star Wars new movie is on the way too, with Episode IX debuting on December 20, 2019. Simply put, there's a lot ahead of us. But, what do people do while they wait?

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BadElf1484d ago

Did it all for the wookie. Then I stuck a cookie up

MasterChief36241484d ago

Smacking a wookiee... is that what they're calling it nowadays? Back in my day, we called it cuddling the Taun-taun.

Profchaos1483d ago

Massively unpopular opinion but my favourite star wars gaming moments were exploring Tatooine in the Phantom menace

TheTony3161483d ago

Right? It was relaxing in a way.