Uncharted Cam Gameplay

Another video showing the beauty of this beautiful PS3 exclusive title.

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Siesser4087d ago

I love the fact that you can see him flinching while on the move as he's being shot at. It's something subtle, in the grand scheme of things, but makes the animation feel that much more fleshed out and realistic.

doomsonyman4087d ago

this game pwns anything on the 3fixme

JIN KAZAMA4087d ago

That dude can FIGHT!


Prismo_Fillusion4087d ago

As usual, the graphics look phenomenal. And the gameplay looks fun, but I'm having deja-vu. Every gameplay clip looks the same! Hide behind a pillar of stone, pop out and shoot some random baddie humans, tuck and roll, repeat.

dhammalama4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

we've only seen one location and two enemy group types (pirates and mercenaries). Naughty Dog has already stated that the came would cross a number of locations.

FOR ME the gameplay seems to vary when i watch the videos of PLATFORMING and PUZZLE SOLVING.

FPS's must really bore you cause all you do is shoot, and driving games would be the worst- turn left, turn right.

Prismo_Fillusion4087d ago

YES and when YOU CAPITALIZE random words AND phrases it really DRIVES HOME your POINT.

All I was saying is that I'd like to see some more variety in the gameplay clips.

Sevir044087d ago

MADE me LOL!!! that was my comic relief for the EVENING.. i just thought i'd have some FUN CAPITALIZING random words and DRIVE HOME the point that because YOU 2 made me LOL, i'll give the both of you BUBBLES, because i found your ARGUING both RANDOM and HILARIOUS.

Lets try to get along and enjoy it for what it's worth. lets be gamers and not enimies and Fankids. we have enough of those morons on this site we don't need any more. bubbles for the 2 of you and


dhammalama4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

actually I'm afflicted with a condition in which I shout the IMPORTANT PARTS of my sentences. The odd symptom of it is that I'm even COMPELLED to do it when I TYPE.

In all fairness, I agree with what you said. however, I feel confident (read hopeful) that there will be enough variety in the environments to provide adequate diversety in the combat.
I don't comment that much on here but I do spend a fair amount of time reading throught the comments and trying to find interesting insights and opinions. Unfortunitely it's become exceedingly difficult to wade through all the FANBOY SH!T (there it is again) and I thought you were just trying to tear apart what looks to be a very promising title just for the sake of tearing it apart.

(I've just realized that I felt defensive about your (percieved) "attack" on this game. I'm in no way affiliated with this game. I've never played this game. I don't really even have a reason to justify defending it except that I think it looks good and fun. That's what fanboys do, but I'm not one. BELIEVE . . . me ;-)

ps. Bubbles for all!

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