FlatOut Ultimate Carnage: IGN Review 8.5/10

"Typically, last-generation games ported to current generation consoles come with very few extra features, and some are lucky to have any new inclusions at all. Short of a slightly higher framerate or touched up graphics, a port is a port, and probably not worth a purchase for those who have spent a lot of time with the original. Not so with FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage, a near re-imagining of FlatOut 2. In possession of far superior aesthetics, more cars, and more game modes, Ultimate Carnage is fantastic, but with a couple of failings that keep it from being leaps and bounds better than its Xbox original."

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ShiftyLookingCow4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

This is a must rent

[edit] I forgot to mention I already own FO2 for PC(It was great), its almost the same game with graphical updates, so I wouldnt buy it again. Definitely must buy if you never played FO before.

BloodySinner4038d ago

Rental?! I believe it's totally worth the purchase.

FirstknighT4038d ago

Xbox 360 = Best console for racers (Forza 2, PGR4, Flatout)