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Killzone 2 producer: PlayStation Home part of our multiplayer strategy

Killzone 2 developer Speaks on how KZ2's multiplayer will incorporate Playstation Home service, now launching spring of 2008.

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Bad Editing
Sorry, but why do you call it ".. speaks on how KZ's 2 multiplayer will incorporate" when it's in fact a link to the scans that were posted before, only this time with a quote saying that "MP is interesting but we can't talk about it" ? Hoax
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Bad Editing
Please change "PLAYSTATION HOME" to "PlayStation Home".
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moscardini75905d ago

Looking good ,is going to be true NG game.

wil4hire5905d ago

Heavenly Sword is amazing. Too bad the gameplay was short.
Lair as well.. Epic scale of levels/textures/animations/par ticles.. but again the controls were terrible.

Killzone is an FPS. There is no way to screw it up or else its no longer an FPS. All it needs is a good single player & multiplayer. Done deal. Nothing holds a candle to this game.

Its characters are amazingly detailed, as well as the world they are in. You can tell they didn't just concentrate on the characters in this game, because the console couldn't handle the huge world + post processing. I don't think we have ever seen a game like this on a console.

socomnick5905d ago

Killzone 2 has potential to be great as long as it doesn't copy the first one. I hated the first killzone the enemies seemed generic and I just couldn't find myself caring about the characters or the story. Killzone 2 looks to change that.

Clinton5145905d ago

Have you played Killzone Liberation. It's not essential to but it's a big portion of what happens between Killzone 1 and Killzone 2.

socomnick5905d ago

never played liberation its on the psp right I heard it was good might check it out on my cousins psp.

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doomsonyman5905d ago

i think home is a pivotal part of anyones stratgy if you want a sucessful online multiplayer experience. home is one of the most inovative things this industry has seen in a long time. one of hte purpoes of home is to extend the arena b3yond games. like phil harrison said there are gonna be locations in home that represent retailers shoping centers and maybe even mcdonalds and burger king. just think of what that means and you will relize why home is gonna be so exciting and popular

TheUltimatePS3Fanboy5905d ago

This is how ALL PLAYSTATION games will be connected. Way stronger of a community.

Says you5905d ago

They put those Helghast attack dogs and vehicles whatever their keeping a secret considering everything in this game is all happening all at once and of coures alot of the MDF would cry and say why cant our games do that all at once and then they would realize they cant.