Most Anticipated RPGs of 2011

RPGLand: "Usually, fans vote in our monthly top 5, but now, we’re gonna have some of the fun for ourselves.

"I’ve tried to post this for like a month and a half but I’m convinced it’s cursed. Other updates were fine, but when it was time to work on this one, I’d either get a huge headache or start coughing up gunk any time I tried. Remember my most recent trip to the hospital? Yeah I was chipping away at this before that all went down. So, a couple of these games are out now. Well whatever, here are our “Most Anticipated Games of 2011,” broken down by platform and then a multiplat category."

knifefight4472d ago

Skyrim, Witcher 2, and Guild Wars 2 are too much; I'm officially buying a new PC this year. My hand is forced (into my wallet).

Looking forward to getting tactical with Disgaea 4 and Valkyria 3, even though the latter is not yet announced. I'm sure it will come.

bozebo4472d ago (Edited 4472d ago )

make sure you build it or get a friend to build it though ^_^ (if u wern't considering that already :P)

save a little cash and get a better machine in the process, go on and post your budget and considerations - might want to wait for the new generation of graphics chips though because prices will drop and performance will skyrocket.

Also, it will last nicely through the first half of the DX11 generation (2-3 years or so) until the next gen of consoles appear and allow multiplats to get a step up in quality (though, 360 is going to collapse soon unless they find a suitable way to release games larger than 7GB, hence why they want to push the casual motion sensing rubbish that is working for nintendo at the moment)

vsr4472d ago

FFV13 > Any future RPG's in 2011-2012

bozebo4472d ago

FF(insert numerals != XIII here) > FF13

Kalowest4472d ago

Most of the best RPGs are on PC and HandHelds.

imoutofthecontest4472d ago

Seems that way, especially recently.

bozebo4472d ago

2011 the year of the PC. Oh hang on that's every year.

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