APB: Reloaded closed beta survives its first week

The closed beta for APB Reloaded kicked off last week, and the devs have taken a few moments to thank everybody involved, and look at the game as it stands. Apparently there’s still a “staggering” amount of work remaining for the developers – but they’re still pleased with the outcomes which prove happily that “the game can be resurrected”.

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TIKUP2971d ago

I thought this game had been shipped and apparently it bombed so they stopped the servers?

dotarray2971d ago

That was the original APB. GamersFirst have bought the rights and are releasing this new "Reloaded" version as a free-to-play mmo. From early reports, it's already significantly better than Realtime Worlds' version.

bozebo2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

I got the beta invite but ignored it (mostly because gamersfirst looks like legit spam, like er, facebook apps and stuff)

This game is a badly programmed mess anyway, I have little faith that they can repair it without reprogramming the entire engine from the ground up.

I would have you know that they ignored the bug reports made by their entire floor of in-house QA testers, so they deserve everything that is coming to them.

Oh also, a fpsmmo is totally impossible with todays hardware unless you use client-side hit detection which is a massive fail decision.

danmachine2970d ago

It isn't an FPS ( first person shooter)

radphil2970d ago

2 things:

1) It's not an FPSMMO
2) FPSMMOs have worked fine in the past. Look at games like Planetside.

bozebo2970d ago

ok, I meant third person shooter - but thats a minor detail anyway.

and you "can" have a mmofps/'tps' but it will never have as good shooting as a pure fps/tps, it is just too demanding on the server and networking for it to have shooting that works nicely like in halo, cs, cod etc - they can only get it to work if they implement some sneaky tricks which will ruin the feel of the game.

radphil2970d ago

Ok that I get what you mean. Unfortunately though people will find a way to be cheap in either situation, whether it's client side based or server side base =|

Izanagi-no-Okami2970d ago

I got a key to participate the Beta, but then i was asked to put the key into the site. And then they told me that i was going to be called again? I don't get it.

tmoss7262970d ago

Yeah I did too. The first time was to see if you fit in to their requirements to beta test, then the second time was probably actually playing the game.

Orionsangel2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

I got in.

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