CaptainPunch4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Don't get too ahead of yourself Microsoft.

Shaman4740d ago

If they start with research now you can expect new Xbox ~2 years from now so you probably won't see 360 getting dumped like last time with xbox.

NYC_Gamer4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

^^^agree,this is just planing ahead of the competition.the 360 wont be dumped because the install base is too it wouldnt make sense financial wise.

morganfell4740d ago

Really? Do you not remember what MS said last time:

Mystogan4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

I believe it will be announced at next year's E3 and released 2013.

And its kind-off a Coincidence that this comes after Epic's Epic Tech Demo of Epic next-gen graphics.

Perhaps they are working together again.
Epic told Microsoft to increase RAM for the 360.

They really have an Amazing Relationship even though Epic is a 3rd Party studio.

Epic Practically saved the Xbox 360

darthv724740d ago

would it really be epic or the unreal engine 3? Epic themselves have contributed only a few games out of the 360's long list of UE3 based games. They definitely had a hand in setting up what would be the 360's best (most used) graphics engine.

Doubling if not quadrupling the amount of system RAM is a given for the next box. Perhaps even going so far as to use dual quad core cpu/gpu. That way the chips can both do processor intensive and graphics either in tandem or alternately.

AMD/ATI has been working on their multipurpose chips for years. Seems only fitting MS turn to AMD again for the brains and brawn of the next gen. The basis will at the very least be DX12 and ATI (i think) has already shown some heavy gfx power.

No Way4740d ago

We all know you do, Morganfell, we all know you do..

Rainstorm814739d ago

@morgan fell

De' Nile isn't just a river in Egypt, you know......So i assume thats how you get so many disagrees after presenting facts.

It may not happen with the 360 though, far larger user base.

Anon19744739d ago

A new Xbox worries me. While the Xbox 360 did better than the original Xbox abroad, the 360 was still consumers 3rd choice worldwide since it's had any competition - and now I worry that Microsoft may be blinded by Kinect/Casual money. One thing Nintendo proved this go around is you don't have to have the most powerful hardware. If you rope in the casual's you can easily make a cheaper console and make a tonne of money.

That's what worries me, that the next 360 won't be some gaming powerhouse but might be a cheaper, casual themed console aimed directly at the Wii audience. I don't think there's a current 360 owner out there that wants to see that - but from a business perspective that makes all kinds of sense for MS, especially if they can get it out before another Wii releases.

Everyone expects the new Xbox to push out games like high end PC's but I can't say that'd be practicable for Microsoft from a business perspective. I mean who knows if they're even going to break even with the 360 before they retire it. They still have a ways to go before that happens (not that the PS3 is any better in that respect).

My concern is that Microsoft may be blinded by Kinect money and leave it's core gamers out in the cold. Personally, I want to see a new Xbox that pushes hardware limits, but Microsoft's Shane Kim had already commented in the past that the next Xbox might be a cheaper, digital distribution type hub. And given that XBL has been their main cash cow - could a subscription based Xbox be that far off?

We live in uncertain times as gamers. Facebook games, mobile games, casual games taking over...who know's what the next gen is going to look like.

Kurt Russell4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

They did dump the last xbox, but I wouldn't give a shit. If a new one is released I'll buy it... like I have done since the ZX spectrum. Then the old one will gather dust until it is deposited into the attic of my house to be forgotten.

Then I'll log onto a mediocre news site full of losers and nerds and argue how my new xbox is better than the other hypothetical consoles of the future.

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vsr4739d ago

Good News! and If they discontinue xbox360, All the 3rd party games will be turned as PS3 exclusive.

awi59514739d ago

i hate people that say microsoft dumped the xbox. Nividia and Intel screwed microsoft over so they had to drop it. Intel and nividia charged microsoft the same price for parts over the whole lifetime of the xbox. Even though the cpu and gpu were only worth about 20 bucks each those greedy suckers kept charging microsoft like 100 bucks for them. And Intel and nividia wonders why microsoft wont work with them for the new parts in the 360 and this new system. Oh and the hard drive makers burned them as well.

Its like the US housing market why would you want to pay high payments on a house that was worth 1mill but its now only worth 400k. But your still paying the 1mill mortgage every month.Eventually you have to let the house go and thats what microsoft did.

Otheros004739d ago

It's part of the contract. M$ pays a certain amount for a certain part. Even if the cost of the parts went down they still have to pay the amount that is on the contract.

You rent a $1mil house and pay $2000 month as part of your contract. A few years later that house is worth $500,000. You still have to pay $2000 rent because you signed a contract.

awi59514739d ago


Yeah but microsoft was new to the console market and they thought they would cut them a deal. They did want to own the rights to the parts but they refused sony and nintendo has simular deals but they could drop price with the cost of parts. I guess these two took advantage of microsoft and they got burned. Thats why with the 360 they made sure not to make the same mistake and thats why they went with amd and ati because they let microsoft own the parts so they could drop price.

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ChristianGamer4740d ago

So they've only just started?? This is good news. I would like at least two more years with my current machine

gypsygib4740d ago

Release it ASAP. Battlefield 3 has made my games look significantly worse.

JsonHenry4740d ago

My guess is what is considered "top end" for today's PC will be what the next gen console from MS will be. Except I am betting it will only have about 3gigs of system RAM instead of 4+ which the PC would need to handle the overheard of the OS.

AND it will release Holiday 2012.

prettyboy14739d ago

dude your name is very misleading and disturbing at the same time...CONGRAULATIONS! YOU WIN THE FANBOY OF THE YEAR AWARD!!!

RatherHavaBigGirl4739d ago

"dude your name is very misleading and disturbing at the same time...CONGRAULATIONS! YOU WIN THE FANBOY OF THE YEAR AWARD!!!"

i only own a ps3. its disturbing cause YOU are the fanboy

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Relientk774740d ago

If it is shaped like an X like in the picture that would be really interesting but I really doubt they would do that, they really should try something cool with a X tho, in the design, the 360 didnt really do that. I mean it is called Xbox.

Aibo4739d ago

That picture is one of the first images from the time when first xbox was planed, about 10 years ago... it was someones blind guess, it doesn't mean anything.

Mista T4740d ago

sweet, it's time for new consoles

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Elven64740d ago

I think we can get at least two years out of current generation consoles before a successor is on the horizon.

Kinda weird being at this stage though knowing just a few years ago quite a few people were saying we'd start seeing new consoles around 2012!

saladthieves4740d ago

Hopefully they can take the time to design it this time and not have to make people like me go through 4 Xbox 360s in just 5 freaking years.

While they are at it, at least have ideas on working on some 1st party studios and make sure they remain commitment to them. So far most the exclusive in house studios that Microsoft launched with the Xbox 360 are long dead and buried because they decided to 'pull out'.

kaveti66164740d ago

Were you like a major xbox fanboy at some point? I can't imagine anyone putting themselves through that.

B1663r4740d ago

I'm on my third xbox in 5 years, and the drama has been minor.

First one received for my birthday. played with over the evening, it was red ringed in the morning, took it back to best buy next day, they replaced it no questions asked.

That one lasted a year and some months... about 6 months after the warranty extension, called max, had a new xbox about 3 weeks later, no questions asked.

Got a xbox 360 slim this xmas.

You make it sound like it was some huge hassle, and it really wasn't....

saladthieves4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

No not at all. 2 of them (which broke down) were given as gifts, and the other two (1st one and 3rd one) I bought for myself 1 in 2006 and another in 2009.

Through all this, I went through only one PS3 (60GB Model) and roughly 10 days ago, it died on me, and I got a 160 GB slim with a 1TB HDD about 3 days ago.

If it weren't for the 2 360s that were given as gifts, I would never even have bought another 360. I do most of my gaming on the PS3 anyway.