Bitmob review: Body and Brain Connection: Basic fun for the "Apple generation"

The latest learning game for the Kinect from Dr. Ryuta Kawashima (Brain Age) is the kind of edutainment you'd expect to see on an iPhone.

rod_furlong4654d ago

I would've thought Nintendo would lock down Kawashima in an iron-clad exclusivity contract, but I guess not....

Sadie21004654d ago

I played this game...it's actually pretty fun, but since my g/f doesn't like it as much as me, I feel kinda dumb playing this by myself.

RockYou4654d ago

isn't the game suppose to make you feel smarter?


The worst video games of 2011 (Game Guys)

2011 has been one of the strongest years in recent memory as far as the quality of newly-available games is concerned. While titles such as Portal 2 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have been grabbing headlines and praise, there have been plenty that deserve an equal amount of shunning.

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gazerino4375d ago

worst thing ive ever read, not heard of any of those games!!

Mike_Tha_Hero4375d ago

Is English your first language?

Tuxmask554375d ago

I bought my little cousin the Nanda's Island game and she hasn't played it since that first weekend.


Neocrisis: Body and Brain Connection - Free with Kinect Purchase (GameStop)

Neocrisis: GameStop customers will be able to receive a free copy of NAMCO BANDAI Games’ Body and Brain Connection for Kinect for 360, with the purchase of a Kinect sensor this week (April 10-16, 2011) as part of the GameStop’s month-long Power Saver Sale.

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Game Guys review: Body and Brain Connection

Doctor Kawashima of Brain Age fame is back but this time he's looking to connect with gamers via the Xbox 360 Kinect system rather than Nintendo's DS platform. How well does this transition work out? Let's just say that gamers should still keep their DS handy.