NBA 08, NBA Live 08, and NBA 2k8 Preview

Don't know which NBA game to purchase this week? Well, read the preview of all three NBA games coming to the PS3 this week.

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Kulupoo4088d ago

I Download all the NBA demo on my PS3 and to be honest I dont like any of them.
The graphic on all 3 of the NBA games looks amazing but the gameplay is not, that pretty much sums up about the my opinion. I hope developers stop making 1 NBA game each year; instead they should make 1 per 3 or 4 years and improve the game quality.

Genki4088d ago

the frequency. When you look at how devlopment time is only getting longer coupled with most of the best games taking sometimes between 24-36 months, it makes sense.

In Mid Air4088d ago

NBA 2k8 no doubt will be my purchase

mikeslemonade4088d ago

I just bought sega's 2k8 from amazon and i got it based on their previous success of being the best bball game to get. After playing the three demos I was not happy with any of them, but I needed a NBA sim. I did enjoy NBA live the most, but I figured since sega will bring all there past features to 2k8 Live will be stripped down compared to that because it looks like Live is using a new engine which I thought was more realistic than 2k8, but Live doesn't seem as deep because EA is obviously try to fix all the problems and making the new engine. Live getting a 6.5 from EGM which is a solid score and I hope Live gets better scores than 2k8 next year because clearly the visuals on live are better. Sega does make a solid game every year but they can't seem to take it to the next level because I think we can all agree all the players don't look like they do in real live. Devin Harris literally looks like Paul Pierce in 2K8.

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