Do You Remember? – Spyro the Dragon


I'm so sorry. I just had to. It wouldn't be "Do You Remember?" without this iconic figure! And what a great way to end the first season of the segment. This is of the very first Spyro game, before you begin to ask. Spyro has evolved so much throughout the years, and is one franchise which was good with every sequel... up until it went multiplatform. And to make matters worse, the franchise is now owned by Activision... oh yes. Run in fear children.


Next week, I will introduce a new segment called "Have You Played", where it looks at current generation games you need to play, and if you haven't, shame on you! This means that this weeks "Do You Remember?" will be the last for a little while.

P.S. Read your comments. Don't worry guys. We still have Ratchet and Clank........ for now....

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Reminds me of my childhood :'(

NukaCola2783d ago

In case any of you missed it, Spyro was given away free last week to all PS+ members. So if you want to take that trip down memory lane, it's on the PS Store.

Articles likie this make me sad, like how I feel about Crash Bandicoot. Naughty Gods did wonders with the first 4 games, then after the IP was sold, it just crashed and burned hard.

-Alpha2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

It ended when it needed to end. Last thing we would need is yearly Crash Bandicoot releases.

Sometimes you gotta know when to finish a game and not drag it out to death.

That said, the series (Spyro specifically which I enjoyed more) has taken a long leave and I welcome an epic comeback.

We need more kid-friendly games that even adults can play, I'm so sick of serious war shooters. I miss the games of my youth, the ones that had a kid-friendly FUN charm that was yet deep and satisfying.

FinalSpartan2783d ago

spyro games on ps1 were great, oh my days what happen to spyro?! look at the picture i dont even regonise him lol

jammy_702783d ago

Spyro, still one of my fav games :-) 2nd one awesome to B-)

hiredhelp2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

me too i loved spyro im 33. dam loved that game relaxing. and gex. (edit) and medivel (edit again) and crash dam tons. oldy's psx

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genocidegeneral2152783d ago

yupp that game was amazing,
still waiting for a eu store release!

Kon2783d ago

Great times... But now Activision turned him into an bizarre monster.

Kran2783d ago

Technically, Toys For Bob did that. Activision just approved of it, like the snivling idiots they are.

Flashwave_UK2783d ago

do u remember ???? its do you respect mr article writer spryo kills every non ps exlusive out there

Kran2783d ago

Ummmm what?

You made absolutely no sense...

marioPSUC2783d ago

I had so much fun playing them on the PS1, they were actually really good at one point

hiredhelp2783d ago

thoes days i enjoyed console games. didnt worry about multiplayer. or bugs or anything. its just pure fun

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