Can't Wait for Dragon Age 2? Try These Games

Player Affinity Writes: "Bioware's latest epic Dragon Age 2 is just on the horizon now and many console and PC gamers alike are eager to get their hands on it. Dragon Age 2 looks to surpass everything that Dragon Age: Origins built, much like Mass Effect 2 surpassed its predecessor. The only problem, is that the game isn't out yet and gamers need something to keep them going until March 8th. Below is a list of several games that aren't quite Dragon Age 2 but are close enough to keep you going until the release date of Bioware's next epic."

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PrimordialSoupBase2966d ago

Actually, I can wait a year until the proper, complete version comes out with all expansions/dlc. Even then, it's Mass Effect 2 with swords - which is okay, but I certainly wouldn't call it Dragon Age.

yog-sothot2966d ago

I agree

But I still recommand anyone to try the games the article is talking about (if they haven't yet). Especially the Witcher ! Btw "the Witcher 2" is more a game I can't wait for than DA2.

NWN2 is good too (love "mask of the betrayer") but I'm not sure it's still that great a few years after its release. And Oblivion... It depends on what you're looking for. I enjoyed the game (when heavily modded) but it has its detractors...

Another idea : go to buy Baldur's gate 2 and play it (just add a few mods here and there to play it on modern hardware)

PrimordialSoupBase2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Baldur's Gate 2 is an excellent idea. Bioware when it was good (when it made real PC games) and more in the spirit of Dragon Age than Dragon Age 2 is.

jrbeerman112966d ago

storytelling (voiced main with static last name, boinking your companions, and convo wheel) is like Mass Effect.... but that's it.

They did streamline it comparable to how ME2 streamlined ME, but "Mass Effect 2 with swords" is a very closed minded way to put it.

Especially when they haven't changed the "core" of the game. It plays very much like Origins (With auto attack on, which is available for all versions of full releases). But what I think they achieved is a way to get the core audience that do not buy into micromanaging and details.

by adding a press to attack function with responsive controls, coupled with very forgiving difficulties will certainly make the game more accessible. Hopefully with faster speeds,a harder nightmare difficulty, and all the options to play like last one will cater to the hardcore WRPG faithfuls as well.

dragunrising2965d ago

Dragon Age doesn't play anything like Mass Effect. If you didn't know the two games were both made by Bioware, you would have no comparison outside of the new dialog wheel in DA2 that mimics Mass Effect more closely.

There are lots of dragons in Dragon Age. Perhaps thats why its called Dragon Age?

Also, Oblivion is the last game you should play before you play DA2. There is no way to get through 60 + hours of gameplay in a few days time.

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RankFTW2966d ago

Like it's a long wait anyway.

Deeloc2966d ago

not buying it i wait for the ultimate edition

undercovrr2966d ago

I definitely can't wait. 2 days is is wayy to long! oh god what will I do?

Tex1172966d ago

This should have been posted 2 months ago.