Magna-Network Review: Super Mario Galaxy 2

It will take you ten to twenty hours to finish Galaxy 2‘s story (70 Stars), which nets you a completely new unlockable world. After you conquer that, you can go back and get all 120 stars, and unlock yet another bonus. Without ruining too much, the game manages to give you yet another set of 120 stars to find throughout the pre-existing levels in a very unique way. Also, if you’re a Luigi fan, you’re in luck: Luigi is unlocked pretty much at the start of the game as an optional character.

In a new era jaded by DLC, flashy HD visuals, and big budget voice acting contracts, Mario Galaxy 2still manages to remind us why we got into gaming in the first place.

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NukaCola2969d ago

What is up with the 6 month late reviews Dark_Charizard? I mean the game is really cool, but it's been out forever.

Sitris2969d ago

Finally, I thought I was alone lol. Yes we know the game is great, but reviews from sites I've never heard of, 6 months after the game released is not new charizard.

Masterchef20072969d ago

What is with all these late reviews? I mean its normal to see one but 3 of them at once? This is a bit strange.

Th3o2969d ago

Its posts like these that makes n4g look like a troll site. Stop posting out of date reviews.

The game is a year Old and everyone on the internet knows it was an amazing game.

Waste of 3 posts.

Look up the definitions of news. As for your answer "I was bored"

ok go play Mario Galaxy 2 instead of posting this spam.


You put it under Nintendo DS news.

PlayerX2969d ago

The reason n4g is a troll site is because of all the ps3 drones.