GameSpot: Pokemon Black/White Review

The small tweaks in Pokemon Black, such as the improved visuals, new battle modes, and enhanced online features, go some way toward making it feel like a new experience, but it's difficult to shake the feeling that this is the same game that's been released countless times before. And yet, underneath the formulaic narrative lies a deep and engaging RPG. The quality of the battle system and that undying urge to catch 'em all means you're still sucked into its world, eager to explore its extremities just to get that one Pokemon no one else has captured yet. If you've never seen the appeal of the series, then the lack of innovation in Pokemon Black will do little to change your mind. Fans, however, should snap it up straight away.

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TXIDarkAvenger4746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

I like this game a lot, very addictive lol. But some of the Pokemon just seem like they lack creativity and some are just stupid.

Just look for yourself: http://pokemon-nonsense.web...
Ice Cream? really....

Nitrowolf24746d ago

yeah i think gamefreak really amped the story in this game, far much more then any previous (which were all the same story). The pokemon however are meh, some of them just remind me of past pokemon and some of them just look plain obvious of where they came from (ice cream wtf)

kaveti66164746d ago

Ice Cream?


Wow, man. That type of pokemon doesn't even make sense in the context of the pokemon universe.

unless ice cream was accidentally created in a laboratory by mixing the dessert with radioactive waste or something.

Michael-Jackson4746d ago

It's the lowest score I've see so far :(

Got points lowered for being the same

and black ops gets a free pass...

SoulMisaki4746d ago

I hate BO & CoD as much as the next person, but pokemon has been around way longer, they should find a way to innovate a bit more that isn't just adding pokemon or changing visuals.

Ayer994746d ago

Well, Pokemon comes out with 150 pokemon every year, and in resent games has been adding twists to the story. COD does come with new stories, but Black Ops maps are worse than Black and Whites Pokemon.

kingdavid4746d ago

I am expecting this is the year that COD will get scathed for repetitiveness. I saw bits of it happening in some reviews for Black Ops and hopefully justice is served in the near future.

callahan094746d ago

"Well, Pokemon comes out with 150 pokemon every year"

Actually, this is the most new Pokemon included in a new Pokemon game since the very first Pokemon game.

aviator1894746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

The Bad
"It's the same Pokemon formula you've seen before."

Wow, they took that many points off just for that?!
That's just ridiculous. And you're right, how come so many shooters out there, most notably black ops, get to ride the repetitive wave without major scrutiny?

InfiniteJustice4746d ago

Not to mention the frankly RIDICULOUS amount of connectivity Black/White features. It's pretty staggering how much you can do with friends or even people over the internet

TeaDouble_E4746d ago

I never understood the whole Pokemon craze

TeaDouble_E4746d ago

So people who didn't play Pokemon had no childhood? You cant judge someone childhood cause they haven't played Pokemon. Maybe thats why you have one less bubble cause you jump to conclusion. Now whose the person acting childish now?

StarScream4Ever4746d ago

Personally this is the lowest of Pokemon. The Pokemon are resembling Digimon now.

RonXD4746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

Wow I was actually shocked to read this. Even though I haven't played Pokemon since Ruby/Sapphire, I still thought the games were good for newcomers to the serious. It got old for me.

I still have all my old Pokemon cards in my binder though :D

It's just funny this review came from GameSpot. Notorious for giving CoD games good scores.

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I like reading the more darker things about pokemon