The Top 7… Most disturbing things about the Pokemon universe

GamesRadar: "If you really sit down and think about it, the Pokemon universe is downright terrifying. The entire world is overrun with monsters, and every single person you meet is creepily obsessed with super-powered dog fighting. There are Pokemon churches, everyone talks about their favorite Pokemon all the time, and no one can do anything without the help of strange, magical, destructive creatures.

Oh, and if you step into the wrong bush you might be shocked to death by an electronic rat.

And those aren't even the most disturbing things about living in the world where Pokemon rule the world..."

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Yi-Long2480d ago

... if that site wouldn't spam us with pop-ups on every new page.

Laxman2479d ago

I didnt get any popups. I think you need to upgrade your popup blocker.

Instigator2479d ago

Gamesradar... I haven't had the problem since I installed Adblock Plus on my Firefox, though.

snipes1012479d ago

I have never once gotten a popup on that site. Use google chrome, that browser has a great one.

Kos-Mos2479d ago

That is the most disturbing thing about gamesradar. Why must I have pop-up blocker? Bloody cheesy ways of getting income. I will never click on gamesradar again.

jeeves862479d ago

That almost every site uses. You can't even get through an IGN article without stumbling across fifteen of the things.

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dark-hollow2479d ago

Lavender city's music is still hands down the creepiest!

Pozzle2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Lol when I discovered the episode where Jessie, Misty AND James compete in the bikini contest (pictured), I was so shattered it wasn't shown on American tv. I would have loved that sort of ridiculous humor as a kid. People who censor things are no fun. Kids aren't fragile butterflies - they aren't going to be traumatized by James' inflatable boobs. They're gonna find them HILARIOUS!

(and lol at the Missingno page)

VanillaBear2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

It was never shown in the UK aswell

I loved Team Rocket in Pokemon aswell, especialy James.

Shame they've changed the voice actors now, it's just not the same anymore. I remember laughing at the St Anne one when they dress up as tanned blonde girls and give the free tickets to Ash while James in the background kept going "OOOOOOOO" in a really girly way........good times :)

nevercloser072479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

The one for me is that Cubone seems to be wearing its mother's skull as a helmet. That's pretty messed up.

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SilentNegotiator2479d ago

James with boobs would have traumatized me. For sure. lol

snipes1012479d ago

Can someone explian the Missingno thing to me?

Instigator2479d ago

It's a game breaking bug in the first generation of games. I don't know all the details, but it's something like if you catch him you risk bricking the game beyond repair. He's not in the pokedex so he isn't necessary to complete it, though.

It is unlocked by talking to the old man in Viridian city who wants to teach you how to catch pokemon and immediately fly to Cinnabar Island and swim along the eastern shore. By defeating it, the sixth item in your inventory gets maxed out to 99, which is pretty handy for Master Balls and Rare Candy.

Reborn2479d ago

What Instigator said.

It was mostly known as the Rare Candy/Masterball Cheat. Though, I always thought you needed one of those cheat devices to enable it to even appear?

DeadIIIRed2479d ago

Good times, from what I can recall it looked like a totem pole during the fight sequence

nevercloser072479d ago

Instigator is pretty close.

It never bricked games to my knowledge. It looked less like a totem pole and more like a barcode of sorts.

You could catch him, and he ranged in level from 0 to 147 or so. Regardless, I can't believe people have forgotten about missingno. I guess it's been a few years haha.

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T3mpr1x2479d ago

I must see this episode!

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-Ninja-2480d ago

I only watched Pokemon because James was awesome.

Snookies122479d ago

Yeah, that was about the only reason I watched it as well to be honest. I grew out of it years and years ago, but James is indeed amazing. Him and Brock (who I suspected was always high because of his eyes never being open). XD

NeXXXuS2479d ago

This was from an episode when they actually opened up Brock's eyes for one of those fangirl scenes or whatever.

Snookies122479d ago

Hahaha, I remember that one! That is hilarious man...

SilentNegotiator2479d ago

Him, Jesse, and that disguised furry wasted so much time trying to get one unevolved, little pokemon. What a bunch of dopes.

BigDollarZoe9542479d ago

IMO pokemon is very annoying now they keep milking it with new pokemon new regions same old crap my nephew was watching it the other day and a refrigerator is a pokemon WTF LOL

dark-hollow2479d ago

Hey! Rotom is awesome! And he isn't a refrigerator originally, he's an electric ghost Pokemon who can posses electronic machines like ovens, fans, dishwashers, etc.
What about voltrob, a pokeball!
And it evolution is same but inverted!

Magnemite, ditto, there are some awkward pokemon from the first Gen but people give em a pass because of nostalgia.

TruthbeTold2479d ago

In the first season they showed regular fish swimming with Pokemon.

NeXXXuS2479d ago

That was when the S.S. Anne sank underwater if I recall correctly.

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