Official SOCOM 4 Beta Details and FAQ

"Included here(see link below) is your one-stop shop for all things "Beta." We'll try to answer your questions best we can when we can, in addition to posting relevant news and other things as well." -Zipper

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Ray1862971d ago

I call shenanigans on Sony and Zipper for the way the Socom beta is being handled.

dangert122971d ago

information details lack of
what is scaring me is no party system?

Fil1012971d ago

I'm kinda pissed that only the americans get the beta still at least I wont av 2 hear grown up american men moan about it cause although I do like the socom franchise sometimes playing it U americans take it way 2 serious it's a game

MidnytRain2971d ago

Yes. All 182,159,867 gamers in America take video games too seriously.

frankiebeans2971d ago

wtf so for paying 65 bucks for the beta i get to play the end of march.....go fuck yourself zipper.

MidnytRain2971d ago

...With a free, newly released AAA title to go along with it...

frankiebeans2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

yea but i dont like the game so i really bought it for the beta. socom is really the only game i play
its socrack its an addiction that i need to wait even longer for and its bullcrap.

ddurand12971d ago

i call shenanigans. you didnt buy kz3 only for socom 4 beta.

dangert122971d ago

killzone 3 cost me the same amount a years sub on ps+ cost me if you only got it for socom beta why did't you get plus instead it offers more content and veriaty then killzone over a 12 mnth period

frankiebeans2971d ago

i did not know they were going to have it.
it was all a scam to get more people to buy killzone and its messed up that i need to wait till the end of the month to play a beta i literally paid for i guess i will get + now too

BabyTownFrolics2971d ago

march 29th.....
let me go write that down so I dont forget

red2tango2971d ago

What a letdown. Huge marketing scheme.

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