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Judge Allows Sony to Unmask Anybody Who Visited GeoHot Site

A federal magistrate is granting Sony the right to acquire the internet IP addresses of anybody who has visited PlayStation 3 hacker George Hotz’ website from January of 2009 to the present.
Also included in the subpoena is the request from all traffic from George Hotz' twitter account as well as data from Youtube and Google.

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Community4858d ago
Kamikaze1354858d ago

Ouch, glad I never visited the site.

Focker4204858d ago

Wow!! Same here, not like I've done anything wrong though.

limewax4858d ago (Edited 4858d ago )

Kind of stupid really, I thought GeoHots site consisted mostly of Iphone jailbreaks, not really going to help sony much surely?

Edit: I see that he apparently also hosted the PS3 jailbreak, Maybe the article meant the people who downloaded that specifically. Since you know, Sony dont own Apple

Also what if anybody anti-piracy went on the site to get his e-mail and hatemail him? Theres always bound to be a few

badz1494858d ago

"Sony doesn't have a case". so far, Geodouche is being raped hard!

darkdoom30004858d ago

Take off your tinfol hats boys.

It only allows sony's lawyers to geolocate where the views are comming from,
they want to prove that there were enough viewrs from califonia so they can do the court hearing from there.

Sony cant do anything else with the information.

Red_Phoenix4858d ago

@darkdoom 3000

"The subpoena demands data to identify who watched the video and “documents reproducing all records or usernames and IP addresses that have posted or published comments in response to the video.”

"A fourth subpoena is directed at Twitter, demanding the disclosure of all of Hotz’s tweets, and “documents sufficient to identify all names, addresses, and telephone numbers associated with the Twitter account.”

"Sony has threatened to sue anybody who posts the hacking tools or the encryption key. It is seeking unspecified damages from Hotz."

Says it all right there, anyone who even thought of doing anything illegal to their ps3 will be screwed.

Etseix4858d ago

i visited the site when an article sayd he was accepting $$$$ to fight sony, but just because the link was directly to the main menu of that site...

jadenkorri4858d ago

i went to it, but my ps3 ain't modded, if they ban people for going to a website, oh man, I'd be quickly filing a lawsuit. Be the quickest kick in the ass for sony ever. My demands, every ps3/ps4/etc game sent to me free for the rest of my life lolz.

phinch4858d ago

Theres some right idiots on here who think sony are going to ban there ps3 for looking at the site................. are you people really that stupid?

Vaud-Villian4858d ago

Invasion of privacy much? I hope Sony loses.

radphil4858d ago

"Invasion of privacy much? I hope Sony loses."

Despite all the comments earlier that explained this, and you STILL stated this....I....wha....huh....

conswella4858d ago

If everyone would just start pirating then none of this would be the issue it is.

MysticStrummer4858d ago

Yeah radphil... the mind boggles sometimes at the legal minds we have here on this site. It's a privilege to be here, really.

captain-obvious4858d ago

sony is running after those hackers like a mad dog
damn ...

rockleex4858d ago

Sony only needs that information so that if you choose to contribute to PS3 hacking, then they'll already have data on you.

If not then you should be fine.

Its like getting the fingerprints of civilians so that whenever someone commits a crime, police and FBI can use fingerprints to trace back to the criminal.

a_bro4857d ago

"Invasion of privacy much? I hope Sony loses"

as if companies like google doesnt do the same when you visit their site...

Mahr4857d ago

Thank goodness for proxy sites.

jadenkorri4857d ago

@ phinch

hopefully people clearly saw i was joking or it would be sad.

sikbeta4857d ago

Screw them all Sony, NO MERCY XD I even more against hacking now that I know those d-bags can get all trophies without playing the games, that's so freaking LAME!

Vherostar4857d ago

Using the info they will find everybody who has a modded PS3 and ban them for LIFE. Even those who didnt actually download it.. Pretty harsh but why else would you visit his site except for piracy?? Dont you dare say homebrew as your just lying to yourself.

nveenio4857d ago

They're not going to charge more people, they're just going to prove that he distributed what he's accused of distributing.

DragonKnight4857d ago

Yeah, this is EXACTLY like the iPhone case eh hacker supporters? Sony doesn't stand a chance right? Lol.

On topic: This isn't really much to worry about. Looking at IP's isn't going to be a big deal unless those IP's use the code. Donations aren't illegal, though why you'd donate to this loser is beyond comprehension. You only have to worry if you used the code. And Geohot would have to worry too since it could then be argued that he "sold" the code by keeping it on his site and accepting donations. Even if he tries to say that the donations are for legal fees, keeping the code on his page doesn't help him.

zag4857d ago (Edited 4857d ago )

Some people here think it's to ban people's PSN accounts.

It won't be for that, it'd be done to reduce the support for geohot overall as Sony can then trace back to people's IP addresses via PSN accounts and other ways like credit cards that have been added to PSN accounts.

So if you grabbed at any of his stuff and get sued they'll turn around and blame goehot for Sony suing them because if he hadn't released this info they wouldn't be sued by Sony.

The other reason to grab all the info is to trace the people who are always trying to host these files all the time.

Sony is doing geohot a favour by having the files removed from the net as geohot has a court order to remove ALL traces of these files hacks etc from the net himself otherwise he'll fail the court order and could face a big fine or jail time or both.

He could be facing a few billion dollars in fines seeing as it costed Sony over 100 billion just to buy the Cell factory you'll need to add up all the R&D costs plus the production costs then add up all the piracy costs and what other costs there have been to make the PS3 happen.

Geohot is just a kid he doesn't have any idea what he actually faces in terms of fines and jail time and he'll end up in jail for sure.

Him asking for money is him asking people to pay him to hack the PS3 so they can pirate games on it.

He's screwed as Sony are going to throw him in the toilet and stuff him down the sewer pipe.

This will be far worse than that mother that got sued by RIAA and ended up with a 300 million dollar fine.

his life will be forever screwed after this court case he'll never have a job at a tech company again nor a proper job as he'll have a criminal record after this with fraud etc cases all over it.

Then Apple might come knocking on the door after Sony has gone through him.

Graf_choko is in the same boat, idiots thinking they can do what ever they like all the while the law says nope can't do that it always catches up to people one day.

And the real sad part is it's all over not being able to install a fucking OS on a GAME console, like anyone really gives a fuck about having Linux on a fucking GAME console.