GDC 2011: Sony’s Move.Me In Detail

At GDC yesterday Edge caught up with John McCutchan, a senior engineer at SCEA, who explained how it works.

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Godmars2902783d ago

As I've said before, for what its worth, this is another try at otherOS. A chance to let game programming hobbyist express themselves. Possibly make some money or get a job depending on responses.

Shouldn't lead to an opportunity for hacking, but who knows.

gamingdroid2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

“It’s a server application, and will be downloadable from PlayStation Network,”

“You run it on your PS3, and it opens up a port and then over the network whatever software you’ve written communicates with the server, which transmits the state, position, orientation and velocity and sends a video feed as well.”

That is some serious awkward design AND REQUIRES A PS3. If they don't want to code drivers for all OS in the universe, an open source driver for Windows will cover you 80% of the people that care about hacking it. The remaining can create their own driver from the Windows version if they care enough...

I think this is going to be a dud.

Arksine2783d ago

This is how console Dev tools work. This isn't for gamers looking to use Move as a PC peripheral. Its for programmers to experiment with the move control scheme in a dev environment.

If some really cool PC applications come out of this, then Sony might go through the trouble of creating WHQL certified drivers for the PS Eye and Move. They CERTAINLY WONT open source their drivers and blob detection algorithms.

Pillville2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Sorry, but this is dumb.

1) You need to own a ps3.
2) You need to have the ps3 tied up running the server app. (not in the background either)
3) The lag is going to make it worthless. The controller gets info from user, sends to ps3, ps3 gives to server app, server app sends across home network, PC gets info, gives it to client app, client app reacts.
4) Better hope that no one figures out a way to exploit this in any way, or else it's gone.
5) Camera still needs to be connected to PS3, so you better hope that your PC is near your PS3/TV.