Michael Jackson - The Experience Kinect Gameplay Videos

The ultimate game for Michael Jackson fans. Unlike the Wii version Michael Jackson: The Experience on Kinect for Xbox 360 allows you to sing AND dance to all your favourite tracks all with no controller required. *Sequin glove not included. This game is slated to release on April 12th in the US and April 14th everywhere else. Check out some short gameplay clips below!

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KUSHman2874d ago

Funny, sony is making money off kinect through michael jackson. haha

Blad3star2874d ago

You do know that MS is also making money because in order to play the game on your 360 you needs to buy a Kinect.

KUSHman2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

well, obviously. But you do know that Sony publishes Jacksons music right? so they are technically getting in on the pie aswell.

Edit: Here ya go mate

Wikkid6662874d ago

Did you know MS makes money on every Sony PC sold?

KUSHman2874d ago

Why do you people keep replying like I don't know these kind of things. smh god this site is full of tards.

Wikkid6662874d ago

The point is... make a retarded statement... get a retarded answer. PERIOD

Perjoss2874d ago

did you know that Andrex makes money every time i take a dump?

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Apex132874d ago

Actually Sony is not because they dont own Michael Jacksons music.

MintBerryCrunch2874d ago

i just want to know why there are 4 people dancing when it looks to be a 1 player game from the videos

Close_Second2874d ago

Agree. Talk about gay.

Reminds me of the sales pitch for Wii Music a few years ago. Honestly, this game looks lame. If your into MJ and like to do his moves then great. For everyone else its a simple case of not even going there.

So far Kinect has shown me nothing that really makes me go wow, that was something I have not seen before.

ChristianGamer2874d ago

You have no interest in this game, you have no interest in kinect so far...what are you doing here?

Close_Second2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

I have no problem with Kinect but I'm still waiting for it to live up to the hype. Are you telling me that Kinect has lived up to the hype so far?

Its certainly been well hyped but hype does not mean good games.

And how exactly does your comment reflect you are here for Kinect and that you are interested in this game. From what I read you're only here to bag anyone commenting on the article.

B1663r2874d ago

Yeah, try that with your eye toy, lol, only the kinect can pull one person out of a group like that.

Close_Second2874d ago

He was not suggesting it was an EyeToy game, he was wondering why 4 people were doing the dancing when its a single player game. Do you really think you come across may occasions where this would happen?

Kind of like the terrible video selling Sketch for Move on the PS3.

iceman062874d ago

Actually, the PS eye would only be tracking the person that is holding the move controller so it is very possible to "pull that one person out of a group".

Emilio_Estevez2874d ago

Yeah, another dance game! - sarcasm

MidNite2874d ago

So I bought Kinect on launch day with Dance Central, for me and my girl, we broke up 1 month before the release and are still broken up today. My Kinect stayed in its box until 3 weeks ago when I had an impromtu after party with a couple of girls and a few male friends who i just met that day all the bars closed early and I still had drinks @ home. So the the guy's were commenting on my Ps360 and my incredible system when I told them I had a Kinect males were like screw that while lets watch Inception, while the 5 chicks begged and pleaded with me to hook it up so they can Dance, I replied No, because I was gonna return it, awhile later there's only 2 girls left with me and my cousin both are still begging to play they ask what can they do for me to hook it up, so I pointed to the floor infront of me she knelt down and you know the rest! So if Dance Central can do this what about This MJ game i think it will have the same effect!

m232874d ago

Niceee. (south park reference)

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