Top 5 Games Released for the Sega Dreamcast

"The Dreamcast probably has the most power-packed library of games in the history of consoles. No I don’t mean it has more good titles than any other console, but per title, DC has more hits. Maybe it was due to the short lifespan. Maybe it was because Sega was willing to risk it all and go out on a limb to deliver fun. Who knows? All I know is the DC had some amazing titles. And below are the top 5 you must get if you have your DC and want to dust it off. If not several became available on other consoles after the Dreamcast passed away."

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Julie2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

No Skies of Arcadia? , no Snenmue? no Record of Lodoss War? :(

I agree with Soul Calibur and Grandia 2 but Skies of Arcadia should be there (in my opinion) and Shenmue :3

vgn242789d ago

I agree on Skies. I remember how great that game was. I was actually a little bummed when it went to Gamecube, because it was such a great exclusive! Of course so did RE:CV, Grandia II and some others.

Shenmue appears to have made it into the honorable mentions.